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Exploring Mexico: 15 Unconventional Things To Do In Tijuana


Let me start by saying this: if you haven’t visited Tijuana yet, you have to do it. This city is wonderful and surprising in so many ways. Honestly, I did not know what to expect. You hear the good, the nice and the bad but you experience the amazing by yourself. Nobody else can live […]


50+ Reasons To Visit Mexico


Reasons to visit Mexico? There are plenty. I have to admit. I am currently guilty of plotting different ways to go back or event to go and live there for a while. I fell in love with that country, for so many reasons and I am well aware that this post will not be able […]


8 Things You Must Do On A Day Trip To Macau


When I’ve decided to visit Hong Kong, I already knew that I had to take a day trip to Macau as well. Just by reading about the region’s past and present, Macau fascinated me and I had to see everything for myself. The casinos, the bridge, the ruins, the streets, the food, the Gran Lisboa […]