Newcastle Restaurant Week Review

The purpose of my Newcastle Restaurant Week Review blog posts is to review both the Newcastle Restaurant Week program and the restaurants visited.

I am an Instagrammer as well and I was recently ‘served’ an advert based on my location and interests. As any marketer, I tend to be immune to most ads, but I do appreciate good-quality, user-oriented marketing campaigns.

The ad was promoting Newcastle Restaurant Week, which basically allows you to eat out, at over 80 restaurants for 10£ or 15£pp. The offer appealed to me as I am a foodie and I love eating out.

I ended up getting vouchers for each day of the Newcastle Restaurant Week and now I am visiting 7 restaurants this week, one for each day (yay!).

Newcastle Restaurant Week Day 1 – Monday – St Sushi

On Monday, I have decided to go for St Sushi – a small and cozy Japanese restaurant on Westgate Road.

I had no idea what to expect, as I have never visited this restaurant before.

This is the menu that I went for:

  • Starter – 6 pcs Vegetarian Sushi
    A mini selection of Cucumber maki, Asparagus Nigiri, Avocado maki and Vegetarian Handroll
  • Main – Grilled Salmon in Teriyaki
    Salmon grilled in teriyaki sauce, served with seasonal vegetables and steamed rice Dessert –  Fried Ice-Cream for dessert.
  • Drinks – Melon Ramune

st sushi st sushi newcastle st sushi newcastle st sushi newcastle st sushi newcastle

The food was absolutely delicious!

The sushi was great ( the sushi rice was perfectly cooked), the grilled salmon was simply delicious and the fried ice cream was very tasty (if you have never tried fried ice-cream you should!)

Chances of me going back: 100%

Newcastle Restaurant Week Day 2 – Tuesday – Fat Buddha

For Tuesday I have made a reservation at Fat Buddha, a restaurant that I wanted to visit for over two months now and Newcastle Restaurant Week was the perfect excuse.

This is the menu that I went for:

  • Starter – Traditional Chinese Flavour Vegetable Spring Rolls, with Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Main – Sweet & Sour Chicken, Hong Kong style
  • Drinks – Ulan Flower Tea

fat budha newcastle fat budha newcastle fat budha newcastle

The place is lovely, right in the city centre, but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by the food.

The spring rolls were good (not excellent) and the sweet and sour chicken had a strange, somehow raw taste to it.

The drinks were very good, so that was a plus.

Chances of me going back: 30% (for drinks only).

Newcastle Restaurant Week Day 3 – Wednesday – Cafe Rouge

My choice for Wednesday was Cafe Rouge. I have been here before, but only for coffee and desserts (I love their carrot cake).

This is the menu that I went for:

  • Starters – Chicken Liver Pate – served with toasted french baguette
  • Main – Butternut Squash Risotto
  • Drinks: Cranberry and Pineapple fresh juice

cafe rouge newcastle cafe rouge newcastle cafe rouge newcastle cafe rouge newcastle cafe rouge newcastle

The chicken liver pate was delicious (I loved it) and the butternut squash risotto was decent.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Cafe Rouge, everything was clean, lovely decorations, great atmosphere and I enjoyed the french music that was playing in the background.

Their plating was not the best, but it was a good night out!

Chances of me going back: 80%

Newcastle Restaurant Week Day 4 – Thursday – Pleased To Meet You

On Thursday, I have decided to eat out at Pleased To Meet You. I have passed by this restaurant one time, two weeks ago and I loved what I saw inside, through its big windows. Everything seemed to be so cozy, warm and relaxing.

This is the menu that I went for:

  • Starters – Cream of parsnip soup, sourdough croutons, thyme
  • Main – Fried aubergine cake and potato cake, chick pea’s, feta, chilli dressing
  • Drinks: Fentimans Rose Lemonade.

pleased to meet you newcastle pleased to meet you newcastle pleased to meet you newcastle pleased to meet you newcastle pleased to meet you newcastle pleased to meet you newcastle

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great.

I really appreciate how polite and well trained their staff is. Trust me, you don’t see that in every restaurant.

Chances of me going back: 100%


Four down, three more to go. I am looking forward to visiting the rest of the restaurants from my Newcastle Restaurant Week run.

[Part Two of my Newcastle Restaurant Week Review]

Have you tried any restaurants on Newcastle Restaurant Week?

How was your experience?



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  1. Reply

    what a neat concept! ps that fried ice cream looked amazing!

  2. Reply

    Ah, Maria, these food shots are making my mouth water! 🙂 Great post. Looking forward to seeing some more.

  3. Reply

    Looks like you’re having a great week!
    Food looks lovely, however I’d wish I would stop reading blogs about food when I’m hungry 🙂
    The “Pleased to meet you” one looks and sounds really nice.

  4. Reply

    Wow I would love to be in your place. What a yummy concept although I would love to have good food consistently through the week. But still lovely.

  5. Reply

    Those dishes look amazing! You made me feel so hungry, I have to get up and check out the fridge 🙂

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