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8 Things You Must Do On A Day Trip To Macau


When I’ve decided to visit Hong Kong, I already knew that I had to take a day trip to Macau as well. Just by reading about the region’s past and present, Macau fascinated me and I had to see everything for myself. The casinos, the bridge, the ruins, the streets, the food, the Gran Lisboa […]

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Travelling To The UK – How To Handle The Weather

how to handle british weather novemberrain

I’ve been living in the UK for two years now and I get questions from friends or other travellers about the weather a lot. Is it always rainy there? Doesn’t it make you feel sad? How come you’re not depressed already? Do you ever get to see the sun?… and so on. While I do […]


Meet Chasa & Learn Why You Should Visit Alabama

meet chasa alabama

With so many great travel destinations and blogs out there, I think it’s time to spread the love. This is my first post from the ‘Meet The #WorldExplorers’ series. This series will help you discover how and where other people travel, what their experiences on the road look like and learn from their trips. You […]