Weekend Break In The UK: Brighton & Seven Sisters

Brighton is a seaside town, located in the south of England. Being just about one hour away from London, the town is pretty popular amongst Londoners for weekend breaks. Starting from the Georgian era, Brighton began getting more and more attention, quickly becoming a fashionable seaside resort.

Today, Brighton is still very popular amongst tourists from the UK and abroad alike and it is popular not only for its seaside but for its quirky shopping areas, cultural scene and is the ‘unofficial LGBT capital of the UK’.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Brighton was the architecture. The city boasts a mix of beautiful buildings from the Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Edwardian eras, which makes walking its streets even more delightful for an architecture lover as myself.

I have visited Brighton three times now and I would always go back. Here are my tips on how to spend a weekend break in Brighton:


1. Go to the Seven Sisters

Because the area has so much more to offer, our first stop is not Brighton. It’s a place really dear to me, called ‘The Seven Sisters’ which is a series of chalk cliffs, by the English Channel. They can be seen from different points along the coast and they are a beautiful sight to behold.

If the weather is nice (because it’s not always at its best) consider taking a hike in the Seven Sisters Country Park and enjoy the beautiful landscape. You will not regret it!

what to do in brighton

what to do in brighton

2. Drive into Brighton

Brighton is just a 30-minutes drive away and the views are very scenic. You will pass through beautiful coastal towns and the road will open up once you get to Brighton. Driving on the coast is an experience in itself and I definitely recommend doing it if you have a car.

Finding a parking spot by the pier does not always prove to be an easy task in Brighton but with some patience, you’ll find it!

what to do in brighton

what to do in brighton

3. Enjoy the beach vibes

As I’ve mentioned, sometimes the weather can be a bit moody. That should not stop you from enjoying your time at the beach. To be honest, I am a bit immune to the UK weather and I am enjoying every trip, with the sun or without.

There is plenty to do in Brighton. Don’t forget to drink a coffee¬†or a good cup of tea by the sea, try the local food and enjoy yourself!

P.S – Brighton is pretty popular amongst bikers too and last time, one of them has recommended me a great place for hot dogs and fish and chips. He knew his stuff, both dishes were delicious.

what to do in brighton

what to do in brighton

what to do in brighton

what to do in brighton

4. Have some fun at the pier

The pier. I had no idea how fun things are once you get on the pier. Bars, street food, slot machines and rides for the whole family. All of that with a great view of both the sea, the beach and the city. what more can you ask for, really?

what to do in brighton

what to do in brighton

5. Explore the city by night

Brighton is beautiful by night as well. I always said it would make a great set for a romantic movie. Not just because of its beach, but because of the architecture as well. Don’t forget to go and explore more than the beachfront by night. The Royal Pavillion looks great, all lit up and the

what to do in brighton

what to do in brighton

Have you ever visited Brighton? What’s your favorite spot and do you have any extra tips?

If you haven’t already, why would you like to visit?

what to do in brighton 2




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