4 Things To Do When Visiting Hallstatt

Austria is a small but beautiful country and used to be my go-to destination for weekend trips. The reason behind it is that Austria has a bit of everything. If you want bustling city life, go to Vienna or Graz, if you want to relax or to trek, just drive west towards the centre of the country and then to Innsbruck. This country has so much to offer!

Did I mention that the food is absolutely delicious as well?

On one of my weekend trips to Austria, I’ve decided to spend a day in Hallstatt and a day at Lake Attersee. They are both incredible places to visit, especially during summer and they’re just one hour away.

As soon as I arrived in Hallstatt, I’ve realised that it is a unique place, different from anything I have seen before. No wonder is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and no wonder that a town, an exact replica of Hallstatt was built in China a few years ago.

How to get there?

You can either get there by train, bus or by car. It’s 3 hours away from Vienna, 2 hours away from Graz and 1 hour away from Salzburg. If you happen to visit Germany, it’s also 2 and a half hours away from Munich.

How to explore around?

Hallstatt can be explored by foot and I totally recommend that. Don’t just look at the lake, go to the Unesco site and leave. Spend some time there, go into the city, have lunch and enjoy the local foods and drinks.

If you love to hike, there are numerous paths and trails to take in order to explore the Dachstein Massif. Austrians are huge fans of outdoor activities, so you will find well developed hiking trails that are fit for families with small children as well.

visiting hallstatt

When visiting Hallstatt, I was impressed with everything – from the clear blue water of the Hallstatter See, to the buildings, the views, the food and the people.


I’ve put together a list of 4 things to do and see (almost) for free, when visiting Hallstatt. This is perfect for you if you are there on a one-day trip, as I was:

1. Explore the Old Town

The Old Town is amazing. No matter where you are in the old town, gorgeous views are guaranteed.

Each building and each little shop or restaurant has its own personality, and just sitting in the Marketplatz, drinking a coffee and looking around, makes visiting Hallstatt worthwhile.

old town hallstatt

old town hallstatt

hallstatt old town

hallstatt old town

2. Take the Funicular & go to the World Heritage View.

This was a fun experience and truth is, funiculars are not something that you stumble upon on a daily basis when travelling.
If you are visiting Hallstatt, taking a ride on the funicular, as seeing the village, the lake and the mountains from above is a must.
I have to admit that I was happy that there were not too many tourists at that time in the morning and I got to enjoy every moment of it.The price is around 10Eur/person.

The price is around 10Eur/person, but it’s worth every… euro cent. 🙂

hallstatt funicular

hallstatt funicular

hallstatt funicular

hallstatt funicular
hallstatt funicular

3. Step back in time – The Evangelical Church

A peaceful place, with an interesting history and a must-visit, if you want to learn more about the town.

If you are lucky enough, you might also get the chance to attend a cultural concert in the church, while visiting Hallstatt.

hallstatt church

4. Explore the Hallstatt Lake

This can take up your entire day. I was absorbed by the views and I had to stop many times to admire the views and let that peaceful feeling sync in.

You can easily go for a boat-ride on the lake – you will not regret it.

hallstatt lake

hallstatt lake

hallstatt lake

halllstatt lake

I haven’t got the time to visit the Salt Mine, the museum and the ossuary, but I was aware that they are some of the top attractions of Hallstatt. I am saving them for the next time when I will be visiting Hallstatt. 🙂

hallstatt lake

I really enjoyed my day in Hallstatt and I think it’s a must-see, if you visit Salzburg or if you have some time on your hands when visiting Vienna.

Why would you visit Hallstatt?

what to do in hallstatt austria



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