8 Sesame Seeds Benefits

Lately, I have started to pay more attention to my lifestyle, my eating habits and to my general health.

I realized that my consumption of seeds and nuts is quite low and I don’t have to be a scientist to know that this is not a good thing for my health.

I remembered that I used to enjoy all sorts of nuts and seeds before, and that sesame seeds used to be on the top of my list.

This is why I started reading more about the sesame seeds benefits.

I have put the 8 most relevant (in my opinion) sesame seeds benefits in an infographic and I hope that someone will find this information as useful as I did.

Did you know that sesame seeds can protect your liver from alcohol? Neither did I!

Read more about the sesame seeds benefits, in this infographic:

sesame seeds benefits

I am determined to improve my eating habits and to pay more attention to my heath. I already ordered some assortments of sesame seeds and some sesame oil (in my defense, I love to shop!).

I am planning on doing a more in-depth research on healthy snack options because, I have to admit, I am a snacker. A late night snacker. And I can’t help it.

Have you tried to use sesame seeds for a specific benefit?

What’s your experience with sesame seeds?



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