How To Spend A Day in Warwick

Warwick is on my 30 Cities to Visit in the UK list and it happened to be the first of them that I have visited, this year.

Even if I have only spent a day in Warwick, I got the chance to explore the city, the shops and experiment the food.

a day in warwick


I do believe that you would need two days for a complete Warwick experience, if you want to fully enjoy the city and visit the Warwick Castle.

The Warwick Castle visit alone can take up to five hours, leaving you with too little time to explore the city, which would require an extra five hours.

If you want to visit, a ticket can range from 13 to 18£, so you definitely don’t want to pay that money and not get the full Warwick Castle experience.

Travel Tip: If you are going for a day trip, you will probably have to choose, between the castle and the city, as I did.

This time, I have chosen the city, because of the time that I had available, because there were no major shows at the castle on that day (it was a rainy, cloudy day) and because I was traveling alone (I think that castles are so much fun with company).

Here is how I have spent my day in Warwick:

I have started a the Warwick Castle. Even if I had not entered, I had to see some of it.

a day in warwick a day in warwick a day in warwick

After that, I have made my way into the city towards Oken Thomas, a cozy tea room, build more than 500 years ago.

oaken thomas

I love to walk whenever I visit a new city and to stop wherever I fell like. A lovely and beautiful park park near the tourist information centre caught my attention.

warwick park

From there, I have made my way to the East Gate and St Mary’s Church, which was simply amazing!

a day in warwick

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Went for a walk downtown, visited some small yet full of objects antique shops and then stopped at the Lord Leychester Hospital.

20160205_142002-01 20160205_142123-01

I have also stopped at the library for around 30 minutes as the museum (which was on my list as well) was closed. I think that checking out the library in a new city is a great way to get the vibe of the place.

20160205_142614-01 20160205_143841

Warwick is a beautiful city and a must-visit if you want to see and experience a beautiful 18th-19th century British village.

What do you think about Warwick?



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