A Walk in Timisoara

Timisoara is a beautiful city, especially in summer.

If you have never been to Timisoara, and you want to visit, this is the perfect season.

After work, I always try to make some time, just to walk in Timisoara and to enjoy the view.

Here are some pics taken on one of my latest after-work strolls:

walk in timisoara

On my walk in Timisoara, I was wearing:

Jacket: Bandolera
Top: Asos
Cross-body bag: Roccobarocco
Shoes: Carolina Boix

downtown timisoara

timisoara center

 Even if you had a long day, you should not forget about yourself, and about what makes you happy.

Go out, breathe some fresh air and after, treat yourself with your favorite drink or dessert.

Remember that you will not get another chance at living today’s moments, so try to make the best out of them.



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