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Pauls Boutique Bag – Review

pauls boutique bag review

Bags are always on my  ‘I need more of those, please’ list, and a few weeks ago I have decided to go ahead and buy another cross-body bag, created by London-based designer, Paul Slade. The Paul’s Boutique Bag Review is based on the Nicole Snake Color Bag I am not much of a fan of what […]


Don’t Miss – 7 Amazing Black Friday Deals on Dresses

top dresses

Black Friday is here and as usual, I never have enough dresses.  Because I am currently looking for a dress (ok, to be honest, three dresses) I have been searching high and low on, in order to find the best deals for the prettiest, brand name dresses. Here are the results of today’s search: […]


Where to Shop in Paris

where to shop in paris

I have visited Paris so many times and, truth is, I never went back home empty-handed. At first, I had no idea where to shop in Paris, or which are the best (and affordable) french brands, worth buying from. With time I found out which are the the places worth visiting, in matters of shopping. […]