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7 Chia Seeds Benefits [Infographic]

7 benefits of chia seeds

I have heard a lot about Chia Seeds and Chia Seeds benefits lately. Chia seeds have the ‘superfood’ status and they are quite ‘trendy’ right now. And for good reason. Being the good girl that I am,  I’ve done my own research on these ‘super seeds’ and after that, I’ve implemented them into my daily meals. […]


12 Delicious Healthy Chicken Recipes

delicious healthy chicken recipes

In this blog post you will find 12 of my favorite delicious and healthy chicken recipes. I have already tried most of them and I must say – they are amazing! I love good, healthy food and I try to cook it myself, as often as I can. That is why recipes like the ones […]


8 Sesame Seeds Benefits

sesame seeds benefits

Lately, I have started to pay more attention to my lifestyle, my eating habits and to my general health. I realized that my consumption of seeds and nuts is quite low and I don’t have to be a scientist to know that this is not a good thing for my health. I remembered that I used to enjoy […]