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4 Things You Need to Know About Location Based Marketing

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Are you a marketer but you’ve just recently given location based marketing a thought and your search history is currently looking something like: ‘what is location based marketing’ and ‘location based marketing examples’? And after reading the articles featured on the 1st page of Google, you have tried to tell yourself things like: ‘location based marketing is […]


19 Lovely Websites With Free Images for Blogs

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Searching for free images for blogs can be a drag, I know. If you are blogging for yourself or for a business, you know that a time comes when you need that extra image that will make the post just right, but that image is nowhere to be found. Or at least, not for free. And then […]


How to Submit an App to Google Play

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I have put together a complete guide that can help you understand the process of submitting your app on Google Play. If you have created your first Android app and you want to publish it on Google Play, then this might be the perfect guide for you. P.S. – I’m not only saying this because […]