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Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum – Review

Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum Review

I am not exactly the kind of person that uses creams and serums on a daily basis, but I have decided it’s about time to make a change. In general, before buying a product, I am trying to learn more about it by researching it online and reading product reviews. I have looked for a Lange […]


Civerinos Edinburgh – Review

civerinos edinburgh

Civerinos is not your typical restaurant/pizza bar in Edinburgh. Civerinos is a family-owned restaurant, that promises to offer you a taste of Italy, in the heart of Edinburgh, in Hunter Square. This means that you don’t have to go out of your way for a salad, pizza or meatballs, if you are doing the Royal Mile. Read my […]


Lunch at the Colmans Fish and Chips – Review

colmans fish and chips restaurant

I am a huge fan of fish & chips. Having said that, the famous Colmans Fish & Chips Restaurant, in South Shields, was on my list for over a month now. Trying their Fish & Chips was a must and so was writing a review about my experience at Colmans, for all the fish & chips […]