Civerinos Edinburgh – Review

Civerinos is not your typical restaurant/pizza bar in Edinburgh.

Civerinos is a family-owned restaurant, that promises to offer you a taste of Italy, in the heart of Edinburgh, in Hunter Square. This means that you don’t have to go out of your way for a salad, pizza or meatballs, if you are doing the Royal Mile.

Read my Civerinos Edinburgh Review to learn more about my experience at 5 Hunter Square, Edinburgh

civerinos edinburgh review

Ambiance & Decor

From the moment that I have stepped in, I was pleasantly impressed by the entrance and the interior of the restaurant. The decor and the lightning are contributing to that urban yet Italian feel of the place.

I really liked how they have played with design elements, how you can see what’s happening in the kitchen and how they have done their best in optimizing the space, while leaving room for privacy.

civerinos edinburgh

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Food & Prices

To get the most of our culinary experience at Civerinos, we went through the entire menu and we have decided to go for starters and mains.

We had no idea then that the portion sizes at Civerinos are quite generous, so we ended up ordering more than we could eat. The good part – you can always take the leftover food with you and enjoy it later.

It will still taste good, I promise.

We went for:

  • Burratina Salad – mozzarella served with salad, toasted walnuts, cherry tomatoes & olives

We felt like the price was right for what we had, as the food was delicious (the polenta and meatballs were just amazing) and the staff was more than helpful.

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If you are in Edinburgh and looking for a quick, delicious and affordable (Italian) meal, in a lovely ambiance, it should be Civerinos all the way. It will not disappoint you aesthetically or gastronomically.

What do you think about my Civerinos Edinburgh Review?

Would you stop by, when in Edinburgh?



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