Lunch at the Colmans Fish and Chips – Review

I am a huge fan of fish & chips. Having said that, the famous Colmans Fish & Chips Restaurant, in South Shields, was on my list for over a month now.

Trying their Fish & Chips was a must and so was writing a review about my experience at Colmans, for all the fish & chips fans out there.

colmans fish and chips

I have decided to visit them for lunch, on one of my short Fridays. When researching Colmans, I was pleased to find out that they are still a family owned restaurant.  I have heard so many good things about their fish, chips and mushy peas.

Because I love the sea, I was not sure, at first, if I should go for the takeaway and eat on the beach (I just enjoy eating on the beach) or have lunch at the restaurant.

colmans fish and chips

colmans fish and chips1-2

What made me choose the restaurant over the beach was that once I entered, everything felt so cozy, that I had to stay.

I have decided to go for a classic – Prime Haddock Fish & Chips, Mushy Peas and of course, a Latte!

I hope you will enjoy my Colmans Fish & Chips Restaurant Review and that it will help you learn more about the restaurant and maybe even visit!

colmans fish and chips2 colmans fish and chips3

colmans fish and chips4 colmans fish and chips5 colmans fish and chips6 colmans fish and chips7 colmans fish and chips8 colmans fish and chips9 colmans fish and chips10 colmans fish and chips12

The food was delicious, probably the best Fish & Chips that I have had in the UK.

The restaurant was full of locals (eat where the locals are eating, remember?) and their staff is friendly and professional.

After an amazing (and big) lunch, I have decided to take a walk down to the beach. South Shields has a beautiful beach, that is only a 10-minutes walk from Colmans Fish & Chips.

colmans fish and chips13-1 colmans fish and chips13 colmans fish and chips shields 2 colmans fish and chips shields 3

Do you love fish & chips?

Have you visited Colmans Fish & Chips in South Shields?




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