A day at Lake Attersee – Austria

I personally love Austria and its natural beauty. Many people are not aware that Austria has so much to offer in matters of travel, food and city life.

A day or two at Lake Attersee is yet another weekend getaway idea that you must consider when visiting Austria.

Before hitting the road for spending a day at Lake Attersee, I had to stop for breakfast.

austrian breakfast

Getting from Hallstatt (read more about what to do in Hallstatt ) to Lake Attersee is quite easy. You can get there in about 40 minutes by car. Make sure you go through Bad Ischl – fab views; safe travels and enjoy the experience!

Here’s what I’ve done on my short day trip:

1. Explored the lake and went on a one-hour boat trip.

Going for a boat trip on Lake Attersee is a great idea and the views are just breathtaking! A large lake trip is about 15-20 euro per person, depending if you are in a large or small group.

The boat ride on Lake Attersee was such an enjoyable experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

a day at lake attersee



a day at lake attersee



2. I’ve explored Attersee.

After the boat ride, I decided to walk the streets of the beautiful small village Attersee. The views from the pier are simply fabulous and the village is so quiet and quaint. As you walk away from the pier and into the village, suddenly, you won’t feel like a tourist anymore.

I’ve explored local shops, packed with loads of Austrian goodies, the restaurants, the village’s church and the parks.


lake attersee




3. Tried the local food

Because I am a foodie and I am crazy about testing local products whenever I travel, we had to stop for a  meal, drinks and well… desert.

For restaurants, I recommend to go and eat in the city (great food and good prices) but for drinks, you have to go to the pier. The views are totally worth the extra money.


a day at lake attersee

a day at lake attersee

4. Went for a Swim

Lake Attersee has very clean and clear waters. From our boat ride, we saw many people swimming and we decided that our day at Lake Attersee would not be complete if we didn’t go for a swim.

Swimming in Lake Attersee is definitely worth it. Make sure you bring towels if you plan to swim in the evening, as it can get a bit chilly, even during the hottest days of summer.

swim lake attersee

Would you like to visit Lake Attersee? How would your day look like?

A Day at Lake Attersee



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