How To Spend A Day Out In York

York is another amazing city that made its way on my ‘Top 30 Cities to visit in the UK’ list.

Today, York is a fashionable city, with medieval architecture, Georgian town houses and a great history.

The York Minister, which took about 250 years to build, is the second largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.

The narrow streets (with The Shambles being the most popular) are an absolute delight to explore and if you are looking for some thrills, there are plenty of haunted houses, pubs and streets to choose from.

Some people claim that York is the most haunted city in England, so, when choosing a hotel in order to spend some days out in York, make sure you double check its ‘haunted status’.

On a less creepy note, if you love history, architecture and chocolate, York is the place to visit!

I have only spent a day in York. There are many things to do and see, so that if you wanted to spend more days out in York, you would definitely not get bored.


Here is what you can do on a day out in York:

1. Explore Clifford’s Tower.

I have started my day out in York with the Clifford’s Tower, which is pretty much all that’s left of York Castle. I have to admit – it has a pretty grim history. Today, the tower offers some history lessons along with great views of old York. If you visit during spring, the hill will be full of daffodils. It looks spectacular!

a day out in york

2. Walk through the historical heart of York and explore the narrow streets.

York is famous for its narrow streets and lovely buildings. Explore the narrow streets of York to discover beautiful small shops with amazing food, souvenirs and their own interesting stories. When going through the ‘maze’ of narrow streets in York, make sure you don’t miss The Shambles, which is one of the best well-preserved medieval streets in the world.

days out in york

days out in york

3. Taste the artisan bread

Before I have visited, I had no idea that York has so many small shops with artisan bread and delicious pastry. I have tried different products from different shops – they were all delicious! Needless to say, I had to get some bread to take home and enjoy with camembert, wine and a good book.

days out in york

4. Witness York’s Iconic Cathedral.

York Minister is a must for anyone who plans of visiting York. The Cathedral is simply stunning and you will get the chance to see the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world. There is no entry fee and I do recommend that you take your time when visiting York Minister – there are so many things to discover.

days out in york days out in york

5. Go on a chocolate trip!

Chocolate is another thing that York is famous for. It has a rich heritage of chocolate making and it is home to Rowntree (who developed the Kit Kat and Smarties).  On a day out in York, you can go on a chocolate trip or just buy artisan chocolate while you explore the city if you don’t have the time for the trip. You will not regret it (who ever regretted buying chocolate, anyway?).

days out in york

6. Relax in the Museum Gardens.

After all that walking, chocolate-eating and exploring around, it’s time to take a break, relax and enjoy nature. The Museum Gardens are the perfect place for that!

Set in the stunning presence of the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey, the ten-acre botanical Museum Gardens will give you a great feeling of peace and relaxation while offering amazing views of the River Ouse.

days out in york

Have you spent any days out in York?

What other destination would you recommend or what would you like to visit in York?



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