Restaurant El Burgado Tenerife

It’s my second time visiting the El Burgado Tenerife, and it’s always a pleasure to return.

The restaurant is a Spanish and Canarian cuisine restaurant, and I love that about it. Whenever I travel, I love to stop by these local restaurant and get a taste of what they have to offer.

Of course, on my way there, I had to stop for some ice-cream.

ice cream tenerife

As always, before ordering any type of food, I always order water and coffee, coffee being one of my guilty pleasures.

el burgado tenerife

Loved the water bottle, by the way.

el burgado water

This time, at El Burgado Tenerife,  we went for:

Canarian Rabbit Dish

el burgado tenerife

And, of course, mussels

el burgado tenerife

Things I like about El Burgado Tenerife:

  • It’s clean.
  • The food is good, not the absolute best, but the prices are not that high either.
  • The staff is quite friendly, and this year we were served by the same waiter that served us last year. This was a nice surprise.
  • They have delicious tapas (home made bread and jamon tapas can be seen in the mussels photo)
  • If you eat outside, it has a lovely view of a narrow, lively, classic-Spanish street.


Have you ever been to El Burgado Tenerife?

How was your experience?



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