Exploring Durham – The Kingslodge Inn – Review

If you have read any of my previous blog posts or if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I am a foodie.

This is why when I have received an invitation from The Kingslodge Inn in Durham to try their new menu in their newly-renovated pub, I did a small victory dance (because I love pub fayre dishes and because I love Durham) and said yes.

I have booked my table for a Thursday, at 5.30PM, right after work.


The Kingslodge Inn is close to the Durham Viaduct, in the Flass Vale and very close to the city centre.

As soon as we arrived there and parked, there was this feeling of relaxation that took over me. After a full on day at work, I arrived at this place, which was close to the city centre yet it was away from all the noise and the fuss. I could hear the birds from the vale singing and a few people laughing and chatting in the pub. It felt great.

kingslodge inn durham

After exploring a bit the area (that’s what I always do, haha) we have decided to enter the restaurant.

 Decor & Ambiance

As I entered, everything felt so cosy, the lighting was perfect for dining and every piece of decor blended so well together. The bar area is lively and the walls of the dining area are adorned with interesting paintings, photos, and frames. If felt rustic but at the same time it had  a modern twist and a jazzy vibe going on.

kingslodge inn durham 1

kingslodge inn durham kingslodge inn durham

kingslodge inn durham

By this time, I was really unwinded, ready to sit down, have a drink, look over the menu and enjoy the evening.

The Food

To start our promising foodie adventure at the Kingslodge Inn, we looked over the menu and decided to go for a pub classic and for another dish that, from my experience not many pubs/restaurants can always pull off. The choice was not made in order to be tricky, but to be able to give an honest review of the place.

Here is what I have ordered:


  • Rose Wine – I went for the house wine – Gio Rosato. A straightforward, off-dry, pink fruity quaffer
  • Chamomile Tea.

kingslodge inn durham 2

kingslodge inn durham


  • Antipasto: A rustic platter of cured meats, marinated olives, bread slices & oils.

Now I love a good starter and in many cases, you can say if the mains are going to be good or not, just by trying the starters.

I really enjoyed the meat and the oils were really good quality.

kingslodge inn durham


As I have mentioned, for the mains I went for a classic (the curry) and for something that can seem easy to pull off, but actually, it could prove to be quite difficult (moules frites). I love them, but I have been disappointed many times, as sometimes the mussels are not top quality or the sauce has too much garlic, too much wine or too much cream.

  • The Kingslodge Curry

Served with rice, chips and naan bread. The curry of the day was Chicken Korma, one of my favorites and it was really good and well balanced.

kingslodge inn durham

kingslodge inn durham

  • Moules Frites

Cooked with cream, garlic & parsley and accompanied with fries and bread for dipping.
I was really looking forward to this dish and I was not disappointed. The moules frites were just right – the mussels were fresh and the sauce was just right! I loved it!

kingslodge inn durham

kingslodge inn durham


  • Sticky Toffee Pudding – Homemade date sponge, topped with sticky sauce, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Now, I am not a huge fan of dessert, but I really like sticky toffee pudding. If you have never tried it, you have to!

The desert was delicious and as the weather got better, I have decided to have my dessert out on the terrace – it felt great!


I have really enjoyed my evening at The Kingslodge Inn. The atmosphere was great, the staff was friendly and helpful, the food was delicious and the dessert was wow.

If you are looking for a cozy place to have a really good meal and unwind, you can always drop by the Kingslodge and say hello.

One more thing – I do not have any type of allergies but some of my friends do and I really liked the fact that they also have an allergen menu. You can find the menu here. If you are planning on visiting anytime soon, you should check out their

If you are planning on visiting anytime soon, you should check out their special offers for this month here!

I really want to thank the entire team at Kingslodge Inn for a great evening. I will come back again.

My dining experience with The Kingslodge Inn was complimentary. Nevertheless, as always, all views expressed on my blog are entirely my own.



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