Exploring Scotland: Loch Ness & Loch Morlich

This trip’s story begins with another trip’s story. Yes. Trip Inception.

This year I have been given the amazing opportunity to visit Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In order to visit Russia, I needed a visa (yes, you need a visa to visit Russia). The process was not that difficult, you can read about the Russian visa application process here, but it required for me to go to either London or Edinburgh to submit my visa request. I chose Edinburgh, as it’s closer.

Now, I have been to Edinburgh before and I have decided that this time, I am going to see more of what Scotland has to offer. At first, I said that we will just take a trip through the Cairngorms National Park (which boasts some amazing views, by the way) and then come back.

Things did not go exactly as planned. Everything was so beautiful, that we got carried away and ended up going all the way up to Inverness and Loch Ness. The trip resulted in being focused on the beautiful Cairngorms Park and on Loch Ness & Loch Morlich, with many stops along the way.

loch morlich and loch ness

I have put together a map with my route from Newcastle to Loch Ness so that you can see where some of these beautiful places are and why not, visit them one day.

Here it goes:

#1 Edinburgh


Edinburgh was the first stop on my trip to Loch Ness and Loch Morlich.

I love visiting Edinburgh but I had to be quick this time, as I wanted to see more of Scotland. After finishing with my visa application, we went for a coffee by the beach and afterwards,  went straight to the Cairngorms National Park.

The drive was smooth and the landscape was breathtaking. You must take this route if you want to get from Newcastle or Edinburgh to Loch Ness or to Inverness – it’s so scenic!

#2 Cairngorms National Park

The Cairngorms National Park is twice the size of Lake District (which by the way, is amazing and you can read more about Lake District here). What I loved about visiting the Cairngorms is that it gave me that happy/sad mixed feeling that only certain places can give.

It seemed so empty and yet it felt so full of life at the same time. There you are, enjoying lush, green forests and five minutes later you are driving through barren, forgotten land.

scotland national park


#3 Loch Morlich

Loch Morlich was such a great find on our route to Loch Ness. I have to admit that Loch Morlich is now one of my go-to places for a tranquil day out in nature. There are many activities going on at the lake and yet everything is so well preserved and so peaceful.

You have to put Loch Morlich on Your list if you visit Scotland and the Cairngorms.

loch morlich

loch morlich

loch morlich beach

#4 Inverness

Inverness is known as the capital of the Highlands of Scotland. Driving through Inverness and stopping for a coffee was so rewarding. Inverness felt similar to other cities I have visited before but there was also something different about it.

It has a special kind of charm. The kind of charm that makes you want to stay and explore the city’s narrow streets. It actually made me consider spending the night there but I had to limit this to a day trip, as there was an event that I had to attend in Newcastle on Saturday.

inverness bridge

#5 Loch Ness

Only a 20-minute drive from Inverness you will find Loch Ness, the 2nd largest lake in Scotland, containing more fresh water than all the lakes in England combined. You probably did not know that. but I am sure that you have heard about the Loch Ness monster, or ‘Nessie’, how the local people like to call it. I have spent a few good minutes admiring the beauty of the lake and of couse, waiting for Nessie to pop up, but well, as you might have guessed, it didn’t happen.

If you don’t see Nessie (but even if you do) there is more to Loch Ness than monster-watching. You could visit the Urquhart Castle, located on the western shore of the lake or you can even go on a Loch Ness Cruise.

 loch ness

loch morlich and loch ness

Have you ever visited Scotland?

What do you think about the Loch Ness Monster? 🙂



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