Flying to Tenerife North – The start of my two-week vacation on the Island

This is my 6th consecutive year visiting Tenerife and I never seem to get enough of it. I am so happy and grateful to get back to the island, as I am always discovering new things to do and new places to see.

flying to tenerife north

I usually book my flights either in advance (January-March for August-October) or pretty close to the dates I want to get there. This method has worked well so far and I always managed to find great deals.

My flights have always been to Tenerife North, in the last two years. This is because Budapest is quite close to where I live and Iberia has both direct and 1-stop flights from Budapest to Tenerife North.

If you are planning your vacation on the island and your flight is to Tenerife North but your accommodation is in the south (this is my case as well), my suggestion is to rent a car.

Here is how my two-week trip from Budapest to Tenerife North started:

Budapest Airport and of course, coffee!

budapest airport bar

Got on the plane on time.

air france madrid

budapest to tenerife north

And, finally, Madrid.

madrid airport tenerife

Where I could not resist and went for another coffee.

madrid airport coffee

…and a burger…

burger madrid airport

 In about 3 hours I was in Tenerife North, on my way to the hotel.

The drive from Tenerife North to the south part of the island is not difficult at all, just follow the signs and make sure you take the TF-1, as it is the easiest route to get there.

tenerife north

This is where I will be posting from, for the next two weeks.

from tenerife north to south

Do you have any questions about getting from Tenerife North to the south part if the island?

Just drop me a line.



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