How to Dress in Paris

One of the questions that come up, when we girls want to visit “The City of Light” is ‘how to dress in Paris?”

First let me just say that I am so grateful that I had the chance to visit and experience Paris, in every season of the year.
This experience helped me come up with some advice and ideas on how to dress in Paris, and I hope this blog post will help other fellow travelers, that might have this question in mind.

Paris is beautiful, but the weather might not always be what you expect or want it to be.

how to dress in paris

Advice: After you have the date to your trip to Paris set, take a moment and think about how to dress in Paris, when you pack your bags.

Here is why:

1. The winters are cold, like  “Winter is Coming” cold.

When I visited Paris in December, my face and hands were freezing.
So if you are thinking of a romantic Christmas getaway in Paris, bring your warmest winter clothes with you.

2. In spring and autumn the weather is quite chilly in the morning and evening, and it might rain.

When thinking about how to dress in Paris and you have to decide which accessories to bring, think scarves,scarves, scarves.
Easy to wear, easy to carry with you and easy to match.

Haha, I might sound obsessed with scarves (truth is, I have about 300 of them) but trust me, you will find them very useful.

3. The weather is hot in summer.

Because I love hot weather, my favorite trips to Paris were in summer.
You can enjoy the terraces, the Seine, and the long Parisian nights, without feeling the cold.

Along with dresses, shorts, skirts and summer tops, bring your sunscreen with you, especially if you plan on walking in Paris in the middle of the day.

4. Don’t look like a tourist and don’t carry too much with you.

Try to blend in and try not to look like a tourist.
Don’t carry too many things with you when visiting Paris, as you will have to take care of them all and you will miss out on all the fun.

Leave your bling at home and don’t wear colors that scream: tourist!
I personally love bright colors, when it comes to clothing, but I found out the hard way that with these kind of colors, you will only attract unwanted attention.

Most Parisian women are wearing black, white and dark shades of colors like grey, blue, green brown, purple and red.

5. Go for comfy shoes.

Think about flats, ankle shoes, sandals and sneakers.
You should walk as much as you can when visiting Paris, because there is something beautiful to see on every street.

Comfy shoes will help you roam the streets of Paris, without giving you unwanted pains or blisters (hate blisters so much!).

6.  Don’t forget your umbrella

Umbrellas are a must in Spring and Autumn. I actually never took one with me, but always bought one, if I needed it.
The good part is that I am now the proud owner of 3 Paris-themed umbrellas.

what to wear in Paris

Well, just in case you forget stuff at home, or you don’t exactly know how to dress in Paris – pas de panique – there are plenty of stores and boutiques to shop from.


The good part about shopping in Paris is that most of the shops look great and you will find something special/different in each of them.
And well, when someone asks you – where did you get that from, you can always say – oh, this? Paris!

 Thinking about shopping in Paris?
I am working on a complete guide to shopping in Paris, based on my experience.



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