How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell

How to get rid of smoke smell – tips, tricks and advice from an ex-cigarette smoker.

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell

I used to be a cigarette smoker (not good for your health, I know) and I was always looking for tips on how to get rid of the smoke smell that was on my hands, in my clothes, my car and even in some rooms.

Most of the time the smell did not seem to really bother me, but now that I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, I can see why it can bother others. Note to all the smokers: cigarette smoke smells bad and a non-smoke will feel it immediately.

When it came to smoke smell, I was usually preoccupied with finding solutions for the following:

1.How to get rid of smoke smell that was on my hands.

I could smell the smoke on my hands and this proved to be quite annoying at times. Especially if I was in the position where I had the impression that others will feel it as well.

Here is what used to work for me:

  • If the smell is not that strong: wash your hands with warm water and soap, never just with water. Wet wipes will help, if there is no water and soap around.
  • If the smell is strong: wash your hands with baking soda, vinegar (yes, your hands will smell a bit of vinegar, but this will fade, unlike smoke smell) or toothpaste. Toothpaste used to be my favorite option. Works great and you get to smoke of mint, not vinegar!
  • My favorite method: citrus. Because I love oranges, tangerines and lemons I always have some in my house. If you want to get rid of the smoke smell on your hands, just peel a tangerine and rub your hands with its skin (smells like Christmas, right?).

I should not be giving tips about smoking now, but if you want less smoke smell on your hands, hold the cigarette palm up while smoking and try to smoke in open areas.

2. How to get rid of smoke smell that was in my clothes.

The smoke in my clothes was not always my fault (haha, yup, I’m gonna be blaming the others now…). Sometimes it was other peoples’ fault (yes!). I used to go out in bars, pubs and clubs that allowed smoking. By the way, this makes you clothes not only smell of smoke, but sometimes even stink.

Sometimes I smoked in smoke shelters and that did leave some smell on my clothes as well.

Here is how I used to get rid of the smoke smell in my clothes:

  • If the smell is not that strong: I used to hang my clothes outside overnight, or in a colder room.
  • If the smell is strong: I have tried pouring some vodka in the washing machine (along with the detergent and the fabric softener) – it works. It also works for removing bad memories or even entire evenings.
  • There is another thing that I have tried and that works like a charm when you can’t hang your clothes outside and you can’t put them in the fridge either (yup, I know people that have done that too). You can buy some dryer sheets + your smelly clothes + big Ziploc bags (or just use some big trash bags and seal them with duct tape).

3. How to get rid of smoke smell from a house/apartment/room.

  • If the smell is not that strong: first, air the room or rooms. If this is not enough, you can go for the old vinegar bowl method, which is not the coolest thing to do, but it does the trick sometimes. I would actually recommend going for an air purifier, that not only helps with the unwanted smoke smell but it also creates cleaner air.

The O-Ion Air Purifier, which is a lovely product and server so many other purposes than smoke removal is now 80% OFF. It has 1300 Reviews and its rating is over 4 stars. This means something!

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  • If the smell is strong and well impregnated in the walls, you can get rid of it by scrubbing the walls and ceilings with a cleaner + water + bleach mixture. It will destroy the smoke particles stuck to surfaces. If you are using a special cleaner (like this Chomp Cleaner), you will not need the bleach and you will not need to repaint, as nothing will be damaged in the process.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget to check and clean the AC if there is one in the room or the house. If you don’t, you might be in for a smelly surprise, just when you will need the AC the most.

And finally, the secret and the best solution for getting rid of the smoke smell is:

…wait for it…

….wait for it…

…well the best solution for getting rid of smoke smell is of course, to stop smoking. Or at least switch to e-cigarettes. I did. It works. They don’t stink.


What’s your secret for getting rid of smoke smell?

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