How to Submit an App to Google Play

I have put together a complete guide that can help you understand the process of submitting your app on Google Play.

If you have created your first Android app and you want to publish it on Google Play, then this might be the perfect guide for you.

P.S. – I’m not only saying this because I have created it. ūüėÄ

submit app to google play

First things first, so let me start with the basics:

1. Waste no time and sign up for the Google Play Developer Console.

Signing up should be quite easy, especially if you already have a Google account.

Use this link to create your profile on the Developer Console.

While moving forward with you account, enter your info, accept the agreement and make sure that you have your card nearby. You will have to pay a one time registration fee (25$ ) in order to publish apps on Google Play.

How to Submit an App to Google Play

2. Sign Up for the Merchant Account

After you have created your Developer Console Account and your registration is verified, log in the developer console and create your Merchant Account.

You will be able to do this by accessing the Financial Reports tab and by clicking on Setup a Merchant Account.

The Merchant Account is where you will find reports of your earnings., once your app is live (if the app if paid of if you have in-app purchases).

Tip: While waiting for approvals and verification, get your app ready for Google Play.

3. Explore the Developer Console and check the requirements.

It is definitely worth your time checking everything that the Dev Console has to offer.

Also, take a look of all the creatives required for publishing your first app.

I will list most of them here:

  • App title¬†(max 30 characters).
  • Promo text (80 characters)
  • App description¬†(max 4000 characters).
  • High-res app icon, 512 x 512 32-bit PNG (with alpha).
  • At least 2 screenshots ¬†(max 8 ¬†per type – phones and tablets), JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).
  • Promo Graphic (180w x 120 h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).
  • Feature graphic: 1024w x 500h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).
  • A representative video for you app. You can also link it from YouTube.
  • Your APK.


4. How to Submit an App to Google Play – Uploading your first app

If you have all the creatives and the content in place, all that is left to do now is upload you app.

How to Submit an App to Google Play

Test it and ask some friends to test it as well, before uploading it to the store and also make sure you are not breaking any rules of the Play Store, with the content of the app. You can read more about the rules here.

Tip: When uploading your app, you will have to decide if you app is free (with in-app purchases, ads) or paid. Once you set your app to Free, you will not be able to convert it into a paid app, afterwards.

I suggest you to first upload you APK to beta, and even get some people to test it, directly from the Play Store.

This will help you get better feedback on the app and you will also get to see how the app works on different devices.

Google has improved their Alpha and Beta testing roll-outs so now you have plenty of options to choose from (closed beta, open beta, google groups beta).

Here is a group where you can find people that might be willing to beta test your app РAndroid beta testers.

5. App Store Optimization

Optimizing your app for the app store, will improve organic download rate, and will help users discover your app easier.

Just think about that fact that around 60% of the apps are are discovered through app store searches. ASO will help you get your app in front of more people, but it is also a process that can take time, so don’t expect immediate results.

Tips: your content should be original and make sure your don’t make keyword abuses, as this can lead to penalties.

Extra tip: Once you are done with submitting your app to Google Play, it might take several hours until it will show up on the Store, so be patient.

Best of luck with your app!



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