Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum – Review

I am not exactly the kind of person that uses creams and serums on a daily basis, but I have decided it’s about time to make a change.

In general, before buying a product, I am trying to learn more about it by researching it online and reading product reviews.

I have looked for a Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum Review, but I was unable to find a detailed review online. This is why I have decided to do one myself.

I hope that you will find it useful.

I have to start off by saying that my skin type is normal-dry and quite elastic.

This is why I could afford not to use creams on a daily basis. I do have to admit that many times I feel like I need to take care of my skin better.

Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum Review

I was looking for a cream that would hydrate my skin and a serum that nourishes it and has an anti-aging effect. I smile a lot and the only downside to that is that with time, I have started to see fine lines developing in the eyes and mouth area.

Because I want to keep on smiling and somehow to get rid of the unfriendly lines at the same time, I started to look for some solutions.

Here is what Lange Paris says about their Algo Active Miracle Serum:

  • That it will nourish and hydrate the skin
  • That it will re-densify and smoothen the skin
  • That it will leave your skin incredibly velvety

To be honest, their description is what made me try their Algo Active Serum in the first place.

They recommend it to be used before going to bed, under a Lange Paris night cream. I did not follow the exact instructions. I have mainly used it in the morning, on certain areas, under my Lierac Paris Luminescence Cream.

Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum Review

I have tested the Algo Active Miracle Serum by Lange for a month.

My opinion and experience with the serum:

  • It is easily absorbed and it feels light on my skin
  • I do not need to use a large quantity of serum when applying it
  • Works great with other creams (as mentioned, I only use the serum for certain areas of my face)
  • I feel like it improved my skin texture and I can see a difference when it comes to the fine lines around my eyes and mouth area
  • It has not made my skin oily
  • It is travel-friendly

Here is what I don’t like that much about the serum:

  • It is a bit pricey – on Lange Paris’s website, it costs over 100£.
  • The cap of the serum will not always stay on, so I always double check/ secure it when I travel.

You can also find the serum on Amazon (that is where I got it from), at about 60%OFF. The product was genuine and in my case, the results are visible.


See prices for the Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum in the UK & Europe

See prices for the Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum in the US


If you have any question about the product, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

 Review Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum

Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum Review

Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum Review

How do you feel about my Lange Algo Active Miracle Serum Review?

Would you try the product or have you tried any Lange products before?

Mention: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review. Everything that I have mentioned about the product is based on my personal experience. Regardless of the pay, I will never write something that I don’t truly believe. Thank you!



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