Long Distance Gifts For Moms

I have always tried to surprise my mom with different sort of gifts, regardless if there was an event or just a random day. I simply think she deserves them.

March is always a special month, as it’s both Mother’s Day, in the 6th and it’s my mom’s birthday as well, in the 7th.

As we are living over one thousand miles away, I have to adapt and think about long distance gifts for my mom, gifts that I can order and send directly to her doorstep.

My search began in February and now I am working on selecting two items out of 7.

Here is what I came up with, so far:

1. This beautiful Kate Spade Necklace.

What I really like about it is that it is simple, elegant, has her initial (M) and it also has ‘One in a million’ engraved on it. Lovely!

kate spade mom gift


2. Eau de Merveilles by Hermes.

We both love this perfume and we both wear it. We do have a rule not to wear it at the same time. I have some intel on the fact that her bottle is about to finish, so I am taking this perfume into consideration as a gift idea.

eau des merveilles gift

3. The Trtl Pillow.

She loves to travel as much as I do. As we are currently planning another trip together I think the Trtl pillow will come quite in handy. I already have my own Trtl Pillow and I have to say that it’s one of the best neck pillows that I have tried so far.

trtl pillow mother

4. This pair of Swarowski Earrings

She is really into Swarowski jewelry. Last Year I’ve got her a pair of Swarwoski drop earrings and she absolutely loves them.

swarowski earrings mother


5.  Lange Paris Algo Active Miracle Serum

I am a huge fan of Lange. Their Algo Active Serum is one of the best Serums I have tried, which made me write this blog post – Lange Paris Serum Review. I am pretty sure that she would find the serum as good as I do.

lange active serum

6. Best Mom Ever Mug

Ok, this might be a bit cheesy, but cheesy is good once in a while. I am considering going for a ‘Best Mom Ever’ classic coffee/tea mug as a secondary/symbolic gift.

best mom ever gift

7. This Akribos XXIV Women’s Watch

I have never hear of Akribos XXIV before, but this watch is exactly the type of watch that my mom would wear. Mother of pearl dial, Swarowski crystal bezel, elegant bracelet and it’s 87% OFF. What more can I ask for?

akribos watch


What do you think about my mother’s day gift selection this year?

Which are the best long-distance gifts for moms in your opinion?




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