Meet Chasa & Learn Why You Should Visit Alabama

With so many great travel destinations and blogs out there, I think it’s time to spread the love. This is my first post from the ‘Meet The #WorldExplorers’ series. This series will help you discover how and where other people travel, what their experiences on the road look like and learn from their trips. You will also learn how they fund their travels and what inspires them.

Today you will meet Chasa, a fun and energetic woman who fell in love with Europe but who also treasures the beauty of her home state, Alabama. She loves walking, hiking, collecting maps, collecting patches, going to festivals/conventions, and she does not wear makeup!

alabama island

(Dauphin Island – Alabama)

Let’s meet her!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where is home and how does a normal day in your life looks like. 

Hello! I am Chasa from Chasa Travels! I am 27, and I am originally from Walker County, but I now live in Shelby County, Alabama USA. Right now I am doing a lot of exploring in Alabama, discovering its beauties, but planning to do some ‘heavy travelling’ in the near future. I’m currently doing side jobs for extra money, focusing a lot on my blog and trying to improve it as much as I can.

2. What is a must for other travellers when they visit your home country?

Aside from the really popular cities, that everyone has heard of I’d say anywhere that you are able to hike, that’s where you should go! Red Mountain Park, Noccalula Falls, anywhere on the Cahaba River – where a lot of people float in tubes, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, our Civil Rights Institute, and there is so much more.

Cahaba River preserve 2

(Cahaba River, Alabama)

(View from Red Mountain Park, looking out at Birmingham City)

3. How did your passion for travel begin?

It started after high school when I started pen paling. I started pen paling in 2010 because I wanted to learn about other cultures. I had my first out of the country travel experience in 2013 when I travelled for three weeks in England, France, Spain, and Italy. I haven’t looked back since. I have been bitten by the travel bug.

4. Wow, that must have felt like quite an adventure! When did you start your travel blog?

Yes, it was a great experience! I started my travel blog June of 2016 because I just really wanted to get my experiences out there, and I thought that maybe I could help other people with their travelling experiences as well. My main mission with my blog is to help people see the beauty in other states and countries. I want to provide information and pictures that are helpful, but also allows my readers to see the experience through my eyes.

There are so many things that I contribute to my blog, pictures, reviews, tips, suggestions. I love being outdoors! I want to do the tourist thing as well as the local thing. I stay in hotels all the way to hostels. I love helping people with planning their trips!

5. Which is your favourite social media channel for travel inspiration?  

Instagram is my favorite place for travel inspiration!

6. Out of all the places, you’ve been to so far which one do you think is the most underrated?  

I honestly think the whole entire state of Alabama is underrated, which leads me to write so much about my home state.

7.  I have to agree, I haven’t seen a lot of information out there about Alabama  (but I do like the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ song 🙂 ) . Do you work a full-time job?

 No job at the moment, which kind of puts a strain on travelling. As soon as I start working a goal of mine is to start travel hacking.

8If you could go anywhere tomorrow, which would that place be and why?  

I would love to go to Australia or Taiwan. I have penpals in both places.

9. I’ve never been to Australia but I absolutely loved Taiwan! Which was your best and your worst travel experience so far?

My best experience and my worst experience was two in one. My trip to Italy – I loved it here. But what happened was that we missed our bus back to our campground and had to stay out till the buses started running again, in the morning at 6AM. We hopped on a 24/7 bus to stay warm but had to hop back off because of creeps, only for me to be hit on by a guy who probably thought I was a prostitute. Finally settled down around the bus area and two homeless men joined us and started talking to us until the buses came.

cinque italy

10. Oh wow, that sounds like a long night. But I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Italy. Speaking of Italy, are you a foodie as well?

I don’t think I was much a foodie when I travelled to Europe back in 2013, but I am most definitely am now! I LOVE food! Is that so wrong??!! <3

11. No, it’s not! (this coming from another foodie, haha). Is there any advice you could give to women who just want to start travelling more? Even if that means just exploring their own countries.

Do side jobs, travel hack with credit cards, join work programs in other countries, or volunteer. There are so many options that I am also currently considering.

12. Are there any books or movies that you would like to recommend to other travellers?  

My movie suggestions at the moment are Tracks, Wild, Into the Wild, Captain Fantastic, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I really want to thank Chasa for being part of this project and I have to say – I would love to visit Alabama! There are so many things to learn from other travellers and so many new places to discover through their eyes and blogs.

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why you should visit alabama

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