Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume Review

I love perfumes. Actually, I am crazy about them. I have tons and I keep buying new ones. When I first tried the Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume I knew that I had to have it.

michael kors very hollywood

Let me start by saying that this is a floral perfume. If you are not into floral perfumes, then this perfume is not for you.

I am not a 100% floral perfume woman but I do like my perfumes with some delicate floral notes to them. The Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume has notes of mandarin, frozen bergamot (you will feel the bergamot), raspberry, gardenia, amber, ylang-ylang and I think you will also feel a bit of jasmin and white moss.

very hollywood

Here is what I like about this perfume:

  1. It smells expensive and it makes you feel good.
    I know this might sound shallow but I am quite fond of Michael Kors fragrances, this one being one of my favorites. Whenever I use it, other people can smell that there is a different touch about my perfume. I got and still get many questions related to it.
  2. It is simple and chic.
    Even it it is a floral perfume, it’s not something that would ‘sting your nostrils’, just because it has a delicate, classy-chic smell to it.
  3. It’s perfect for spring and summer but I love wearing it in winter.
    Because I have bought two bottles, I’ve worn this perfume through the summer.
    Now, I love wearing it in winter. That is because I am a summer person and this perfume just reminds me of summer, whenever I am wearing it.
  4. The bottle is gorgeous and quite resistant.
    I have tested the bottle (unintentionally) on my bedroom floor. Spoiler alert: no one was harmed and the bottle is still in perfect condition.
  5. It is discontinued. I know, it’s weird to see this as a plus to a perfume that you like (but we all have to say goodbye to some things that we love, sooner or later). There are not many people that still own the perfume and it’s not that easy to find anymore. This gives it a sort of exclusive feel.

However, I still managed to find the perfume online in the US (only 6 in stock) and in the UK (only 9 in stock).

Here is a photo to give you a better idea on the Michael Kors Very Hollywood bottle:

michael kors very hollywood
Have you ever tried to Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume?

What do you think about it?

Mention: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review. Everything that I have mentioned about the product is based on my personal experience. Regardless of the pay, I will never write something that I don’t truly believe. Thank you!



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