50+ Reasons To Visit Mexico

Reasons to visit Mexico? There are plenty. I have to admit. I am currently guilty of plotting different ways to go back or event to go and live there for a while. I fell in love with that country, for so many reasons and I am well aware that this post will not be able to reflect them all.

What you have to know about Mexico is that it’s a huge country and things can surprise you in how different they are, even from a neighbour city to another. But there is one common thread which binds them all together – the wonderful people and the delicious food. When you put these two together, you know you’re in Mexico.

Here are my 50+ reasons to visit Mexico (and the list will grow, as there is so much of the country that I haven’t explored yet!)

1. The people

Mexican people are simply amazing. They were the no.1 reason why I fell in love with the country. Kind, warm, caring and they do know how to throw a good party!

I already miss each and every person I’ve met in Mexico and I can’t wait to see them again (sooner rather than later).

2. The delicious food

Mexico is not just all about tacos. But it’s true, you will probably find tacos anywhere you go (and they are delicious!). Mexican food is so diverse and about 60% of it has a bit of chilli so get ready for a culinary feast.

3. The diverse climate

Because Mexico is such a big country you can experience so many types of weather and climates. Just by going from Ensenada to Mexicali (in the same state, Baja California), you will experience the coast, the mountains (where you can have snow) and the desert.

4. The Pacific Coast

I have spent two weeks in Baja California and I still can’t get over the beaches and sunsets there. It’s also where the magnificent grey whales like to spend their time so you might see one. Oh and let’s not forget that seals are part of the decor.

5. Las fiestas

Remember how I’ve mentioned that people in Mexico know how to party? Yes, they do. I’ve attended some of the best parties there. And the cool part is that any gathering can turn into a party and you don’t need much preparation for that.

6. The rich culture

I’ve learned so many things while I was in Mexico. All you have to do is ask and people are more than happy to open up and tell you about their marvellous country and customs.

7. The history

I felt like taking notes anytime someone mentioned historical facts or when I visited a historical site. So many things happened in Mexico over the years and so many of those things shaped the world that we live in today.

8. La tequila

Si. La tequila. You need to try (different types of) tequila when visiting Mexico. If you’re not that much into tequila now keep in mind that it’s an acquired taste. You will leave Mexico with some tequila for your loved ones (trust me, I’m saying this and I’m not a drinker)

9. The sea life and wildlife

If you are passionate about wildlife and about what’s happening underwater, Mexico has a lot of that. From snorkelling to bird, whale, turtle and dolphin watching you name it, they have it.

10. The beaches

So many beaches, so many types of beaches so you need to see them all. From the Caribbean style beaches that you will find in Cancun to the desert style beaches that you will see in Baja California, they are all beautiful and will make you want to stay.

11. The archaeological sites

Mexico’s history will amaze you. If you would like to learn more about ancient civilisations (back to the pre-Aztec era), you will love it there. Were you aware that the beneath the famous Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City lies a big Aztec pyramid (Templo Mayor)? I didn’t until I went there and saw the site.

12. Tijuana

I’ve seen Tijuana in so many movies and had to experience it for myself. Now it has a special place in my heart. I was lucky enough to cross the border by car with a lovely girl that I now call my friend (I always wanted to do that, now it’s crossed off the bucket list, haha).

13. Mexico City

I was planning on visiting Mexico City in the upcoming years but a wonderful person made that happen this year. When I got there, it was difficult to hold my tears. I dreamed about visiting Mexico City since I was a child and let me say this: it was more than I’ve imagined.

14. Cancun

I don’t think Cancun needs any presentation as it’s an iconic, world-renowned beach destination. White sand beaches, huge party scene and exquisite restaurants. It’s that destination that you must visit at least once in your lifetimes.

15. Las Coyotas

Que son las coyotas? Only the most delicious pastries in the world! Ok, I was a bit sceptical about the Coyotas at first but now I’m back in Europe and I don’t know how to get hold of them. They are simply delicious. I’ve actually looked up some recipes as I need Coyotas with my morning coffee! If you visit Sonora, please try them.

16. Los Cabos

Yet another popular destination in Mexico. Los Cabos is more than Spring Break (I did enjoy going out during Spring Break tho). Baja California Sur has so many beautiful beaches, great food and super tall cacti. When visiting Los Cabos go a bit further than just the tourist area and you will find many hidden gems. When visiting San Jose del Cabo, go to the Estero San Jose too – you can thank me later.

17. The Desert

I have a passion for desertic areas. I’ve experienced the Mojave Desert, The Arabian Desert, The Saharan Desert and now I was simply charmed by The Sonoran Desert. Words can’t describe its beauty and the sunsets are simply incredible.

18. Cafe de olla

Yup, I’m that kind of person. The kind that needs their morning coffee and might get grumpy if they don’t get it. Cafe de olla is a traditional way of preparing coffee in Mexico and if you are a coffee lover you have to try it. It usually comes in clay pots, which will give you that extra feeling of ‘I’m in Mexico!’

19. Tacos

What I’ve learned in Mexico is that any time is a good time for having a taco. The great part is that you can fill them with pretty much anything and it feels like the combinations are infinite. Are you a vegetarian? There are loads of tacos to choose from!

20. The natural hot springs

Have you seen that photo of natural hot springs, hanging on cliffs? It’s in Mexico. It’s called La Gruta de Tolantongo and it’s on my bucket list.

21. The colourful cities

Everything has colour in Mexico! I love that. Every city has its own identity and you will want to take photos of everything. San Jose del Cabo is one of them.

22. Day of the dead

Ok, we have all heard about the day of the dead. Many people are confusing it with Cinco de Mayo and think that they are the same thing. Actually, the day of the dead is being celebrated on October 31 – November 1.

23. The prices

I’m not going to say that anything you want to buy is cheaper in Mexico but many things are very affordable.

24. The world’s smallest active volcano

Yes, there is a volcano that’s considered to be the smallest in the world. It’s called Cuexcomate and it’s located in a suburb of the city of Puebla.

25. Los pueblos magicos

There is a total of 83 towns and villages in Mexico, which have the title of ‘Pueblo Magico’. The program was launched by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism and what I personally love about it is that each of these towns or villages is a place with symbolism and history.

26. Scuba diving

Mexico is blessed with an extensive coastline and with a diversity of reefs, caves, caverns and tunnels all of which host beautiful marine wildlife.

27. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Mexico is home to 34 both cultural and natural World Heritage sites and one of them is about – guess what – Tequila!

28. The margaritas

Yes, the margaritas in Mexico might be different that the ones you’ve tried back home (in a good way). If you go to Ensenada in Baja California, you can drink a margarita from the bar where it was originally invented. Class!

29. Dolphin and whale watching

If you like to see marine animals in their natural habitat, just going about their lives, Mexico can give you that. There are numerous spots where you can watch dolphins, whales and did I mention turtles too?

30. El mezcal

Mezcal is not similar to Tequila and one of the reasons is that Tequila can only be produced from Blue Agave, while the Mezcal can be produced from up to 30 varieties, but the most common one is Agave Espadin. One thing is certain tho – Tequila leads to Mezcal, because we all start with Tequila, haha.

31. The markets

Going to the local food markets in Mexico is like shopping in paradise. All sorts of food and ingredients that need to be tried and tested. This activity should be on your to-do list!

32. Las quesadillas (con queso)

I could live off quesadillas (and water). They are just perfect and you can top them up with other things like fish or salad if you feel like it.

33. The mariachi

You need to have at least one song played by Mariachi when in Mexico. Trust me, it’s a unique experience.

34. Volunteering

Because people are so open and helpful in Mexico you can walk up to pretty much any charity and let them know that you can help. I was blessed to be able to do different kinds of social services when I visited Mexico and it’s such a wonderful way yo learn more about the country.

35. Delicious fruits

Ok, I’ve tried all sorts of fruits in Mexico. Some of them were completely new to me like Yaka (Jackfruit) – pricey, but delicious. I’ve learned after eating about 400grams that apparently, it’s an aphrodisiac as well. Oops!

36. Las pinatas

Ok, pinatas are actually a whole different ball game that when you see on YouTube. It’s not easy to actually break a pinata, trust me, I failed. You will find hundreds of types of pinatas in Mexico. Yes, you can smash an Elsa pinata.

37. The avocado and guacamole

When you go to the markets, the avocados are always just perfect for eating or cooking. I could not stop eating products made out of avocado and trying pretty much any guacamole that came my way. Mexico is the land of avocado and it supplies 45% of the international avocado market.

38. Aguas de Fruta

Ok, this is something that I’ve brought home with me (as a recipe). In Mexico, you don’t just drink water (that’s so 2010), you drink Aguas de Fruta. You can make Aguas de Fruta from pretty much any fruit, mixed with water but some of the most popular ones are Agua de Horchata, de Jamaica, de Papaya, de Limon y Sandia.

39. Amazing sunsets

It’s really hard for other countries to top the sunsets in Mexico. You can have spectacular sunsets in the desert, calming sunsets by the ocean and sunsets full of city vibes in Ciudad de Mexico.

40. Nature gems

There are so many beautiful places that I’ve seen in Mexico and some that I haven’t yet. A few that you can look up are Cenote Dzitnup, Xcaret Park, Isla Mujeres, Hierve el Agua, Cabo, Sierra Gorda, Popocatepetl and much more.

41. Hiking

There are many places for those who love hiking, in Mexico. Some of them might not be as easy as others but they are definitely worth the effort. If you don’t know where to start, how about a complete Mexico packing list, which you will find useful not only for Mexico but for Central America as well.

42. Breathtaking views

Want to look at the ocean from the top of a hill? You can do that in Baja. Want to marvel over the vast desert during sunset? You can do that in Sonora. Want to look at one of the most iconic Cathedrals while drinking a coffee? You can easily do that in CDMX. Pretty much anywhere you turn your head around in this country, there is something to make you breathe deep and smile.

43. Hotel California

We all know the song that goes like ‘welcome to the Hotel California, it’s such a lovely place, such a lovely place..’. Well, it’s there, in a Pueblo Magico, called Todos Santon. And it’s a lovely place – you must visit it!

44. The restaurants

You will find all types of restaurants in Mexico, the food is delicious and the prices are affordable. You can find really posh ones but also traditional restaurants, where you can eat and listen to the mariachi.

45. The coffee

Oh, the coffee. There are many types of coffee to try and they are all delicious. They love sweet coffee there so make sure that you don’t add in any extra sugar before tasting it.

46. The beer

There is a big beer culture in Mexico and some of the most popular brands you must try are Indio and Tecate.

47. El Elote

Ok, this is something that you need to try. El elote is something magical. It’s corn on a cob + cheese + cream + anything else you might want to add to it. I just could not have enough of it and this is yet another ‘recipe’ that I’ve taken home.

48. Cooking classes

Cooking schools are a very popular thing in Mexico, because of the big restaurant industry. You can take cooking classes while in Mexico, even if they are one-day cooking classes, in which you will learn how to prepare one dish. You will get to learn so many things about the culture through cooking.

49. Everything spicy

Food is delicious in Mexico, but many of the dishes will have some spicy stuff in them, so make sure to ask if a dish is ‘picoso’.  Double-check the sweets as well, most of them have chilli.

50. El mole

The mole is more like a sauce but it’s one of the national dishes of Mexico. You have to try it at least once. Mole sauce is usually eaten with chicken, duck, pork enchiladas, pork fillet or chickpea meatballs.

51. The shot bars

You must check out the party scene in Mexico and this includes shot bars. Some of them have over 100 varieties of shots to choose from, all of them delicious (again, not a big drinker but I had to tried the shots).

52. The art scene

If you love art, there are many things to see and experience in Mexico. From art galleries to street art, the movie and the music scene, it has it all and it’s out there for you to experience and enjoy.

53. Boat rides

Because Mexico has such a big coastline, you can enjoy boat rides for a great price and venture in the vast ocean. Do it, get some salt in your hair and watch the coastline from a boat.

54. The wine

There are three main areas for wine grapes in Mexico are grown and one of them is Baja California. You can reach out to wineries, go for wine tasting and enjoy the majestic views of the wine fields.

55. La Bufadora

What is La Bufadora? Well, it’s a marine blowhole, in Baja California, close to Ensenada. It’s such a spectacular thing to watch and experience and it’s a must if you are visiting the area.

56. The strange food

I’ve had my share of strange food in Mexico, because I always try anything once. Some of the strange things you can try in Mexico are: escamoles, mole negro, fruit with chilli, haribo with chilli, grasshoppers and eggs and well, corn smut.

57. The avocado ice-cream

One of the best ice-creams I’ve tasted. Avocado ice-creams are not easy to find and they are usually artisanal, so you will probably not find them in supermarkets, but in ice-cream shops. Definitely worth the search.

Have you visited Mexico and would like to add a reason to my list? Just drop me a comment!

Which is the number 1 reason why you want to go back?

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