Places To Visit In Coventry

Sometimes, a day trip might be the perfect thing to inspire you, in the middle of a busy week.

Last week I have visited Coventry, in West Midlands.

Of course, my first question was – which are the best places to visit in Coventry on a day trip?

A Day Trip To Coventry

Apparently my question was not a difficult one, as Coventry is a small yet lovely and vibrant city. Having around 5 hours to explore the city, I have tried to do my best in order to both visit and enjoy Coventry.

Here is a glimpse of my day trip to Coventry:


The St. Michael’s Cathedral

From my brief online research there was one place, which I considered a must, when visiting Coventry: The St. Michael’s Cathedral. It looked surreal in the photos and to be honest, it’s even more impressive when you see it yourself.

The city of Coventry and the Cathedral were bombed in WW2. This is why when I saw the ruins, the tall spire that is still standing and knowing about what happened, I got lost in the story and spent over one hour, just exploring the Cathedral.

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The Lady Godiva Statue

Ok, there is not a lot to see about the statue but if you read a bit about Lady Godiva, you will probably find it interesting. The square in which you will find the statue is packed with shops, restaurants and while there, you can also stop for a coffee at Starbucks. Enjoy!

godiva coventry

Downtown Coventry

Whenever I visit a new city, I always take some time to check the city centre and explore the surroundings. I especially love those lovely narrow streets packed with local restaurants and gift shops that carry hand-made or vintage items.

I have found the narrow streets in Coventry to be really beautiful. If you want to check them out, you can start from the St. Michael’s Cathedral and go all the way down to the Greyfriars Green Park. You will love it!

Downtown Coventry

The Lower Precinct

The Lower Precinct is composed of small shops and small parks. You can always take a break, sit on a bench and enjoy the view. Do not forget to visit historical buildings like Ford’s Hospital, along the way.

fords hospital coventry

West Orchards

If you want to shop or just browse, the West Orchards shopping mall can be the right place to go. Not a huge selection of brands but you can find good offers. If you are into shopping, there is another (small) shopping park you can go to, just next to the Greyfriars Green, Central Six Retail Park.

orchards coventry

Greyfriars Green

I loved spending time in this park. Tons of flowers and the way in which they have blended in the new new with the old is just lovely.

For a sunny day, I recommend bringing a book with you, as this is the kind of park where you can stop for around 30 minutes and enjoy a day in the sun, with your favorite author.

Greyfriars Green Greyfriars Green Greyfriars Green Greyfriars Green

Have you visited Coventry?

Is there a place that you would consider a must when visiting Coventry?




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