Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days

Milan is an amazing city. It has that right mix of culture, relaxation and big-city vibes that you don’t usually get to feel when visiting other Italian cities.

Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days

If you only have two days to spend in Milan but you are not so sure about what to do and see, welcome to the club. I was in the same situation. This is why I have decided to write this blog post, focused on places to visit in Milan in 2 days.

Milan is the 2nd largest city in Italy and two days might not seem enough, but if you plan everything right, Milan can be the perfect weekend getaway and that amazing 2-day trip that you will love to remember.

places to visit in milan in two days

Before getting into more details about places to visit and the itinerary, here are some general tips for spending two days in Milan:

  • Save time on those things that some people take for granted, like getting from A to B.
  • There are buses/shuttles to and from the airport. I have tried both the trains and buses. The buses proved to be easier, quicker and at the same price as the trains.
  • If you plan on using the metro, stay in the city centre. If you stay out (like in San Donato, for example), be aware that just to get to the city centre can take about 40 minutes.
  • Wake up early, enjoy the sunrise and take scenic photos without the need to stay in line.
  • Be patient. Italians like to take their time, so don’t be surprised if you are waiting in line but another customer is not bothered to finish their personal story with the cashier, regardless of the queue.

Having said that, here are the best Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days:

Day 1

You might not have seen this coming, but I am recommending you to leave Milan, on day one. I don’t feel like Milan should be all about Milan.

1.Como (k-OH-m-o)

Wake up early and take the train from Cadorna or Garibaldi station to Como. It’s about an hour ride so the sooner you leave, the more things you get to see. Once in Como, explore the city, it’s beautiful.

On you way to the ferry (oh yes, you are taking the ferry) stop by the market and try some local products. They are delicious!

como market

2.Bellagio (b-uh-lAA-gee-oh)

Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days

From Como, take the ferry to Bellagio. It costs around 12eur/person. The ferry will not only take you to Bellagio but it will also give you a 30-miuntes tour of the lake and you will be able to enjoy spectacular views.

Once you get to Bellagio, go up the stairs, start exploring the beautiful narrow streets and why not, get lost for an hour or two and discover Bellagio.

Day 2

Spoiler alert: I will not make you leave Milan on the 2nd day as well. Today you will spend the entire day in Milan and enjoy its beauty. Put your walking shoes on and get ready to explore!

3. Duomo di Milano

Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days

Start early with an Italian coffee in the Piazza del Duomo and breathe in the fresh morning air, while admiring the iconic gothic Cathedral. Moments like these make me realise that we should be so thankful for having the opportunity to travel and experience other countries while some people have never got the chance to leave their hometown.

4. Vittorio Emanuele

vittotio emanuele1 Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days

Milan’s shopping scene. Enough said. Make your way from the Dome to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and do some shopping or window shopping, whichever you prefer.
Before leaving the city centre stop by Panzerotti Luini for an authentic, delicious Italian snack. There might be a queue and I know I was all about being time efficient but sometimes, some things are worth the wait.

5. Ambrosian Library
If you love books, libraries, and paintings, the Ambrosian Library which is more than a library – it’s a museum and a great piece of architecture itself – is definitely worth a visit. Even if it’s a great place to visit, it is not as popular as other objectives, so you will probably end up saving some time as well.

6. Sforzesco Castle

Built in the 15th century, the Castello Sforzesco used to be one of the largest citadels in Europe. Now it houses over 7 art galleries and museum pieces. If you decide to visit the galleries and museums you will also see some of Leonardo DaVinci’s works.  The Codex Trivulzianus is also being kept in the Sforza Castle.

The entrance to the castle is free and this is a plus but at the same time, this means that anyone can come in, including people that make a living off of preying on tourists.

7. Centrale

I have a passion for beautiful train and metro stations. So I always try to make time to visit them. It only takes 15 minutes to half an hour. If you take the metro, make sure you stop at Centrale, even if it’s only for 15 minutes, to explore the station.

8. Indro Monatelli Public Gardens

Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days

Before going back to the city centre, you need just a bit of time to enjoy nature and relax. I believe that the Monatelli Gardens are perfect for that. It’s full of locals but it’s quiet at the same time. The pond is home to all sorts of fishes, turtles, ducks and birds. If you love animals and nature and you need to catch your breath, this is the park to go to.

From here you can easily make your way back to the Duomo on foot,  by taking the Via Alessandro Manzoni. On your way back you can browse shops, see the Armani Hotel, the Scala Theatre, the DaVinci statue and the Palazzo Della Ragione.

Here are a few useful words in Italian for when visiting Milan:

  • Ciao – Hello
  • Grazie – Thank you
  • Prego – You are welcome
  • Vai Via – Go away
  • No/Si – No/Yes
  • Mi scusi – Sorry
  • Polizia – Police
  • Aiuto – Help

When visiting Milan beware of:

  • People trying to give you ‘gifts’ such as bracelets, keychains, flowers, etc. – they will charge you for it and even get violent if you don’t pay. 6 euros for a bracelet made of string?? No, grazie, buon signore!
  • People asking you to sign random petitions – they will try to pickpocket you.
  • People begging and their ‘friends’ that just want to see where your wallet is located, when reaching out for it to give the beggar some money.
  • People pretending that they are the police when in fact they just want to take your money.
  • People pretending that they are stranded and they just need some money to get home. Guess what? No, they are not.

Places To Visit In Milan In 2 Days

I hope that you have enjoyed my guide on places to visit in Milan in 2 days and that you have found it useful.

What do you plan to see in Milan?





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