Sonas Guest House Edinburgh Review

I love weekend breaks and Edinburgh was the perfect destination, being only two hours away from Newcastle.

 After some proper research, my accommodation choice for the Edinburgh weekend break was the Sonas Guest House.

Sonas Guest House Review Edinburgh

Sonas Guest House Edinburgh Overview 

The Sonas Guest House in Edinburgh is a beautiful Victorian house on E. Mayfield Road. I loved the fact that they had a breakfast option and a free parking option, as I have traveled by car.

The room that I have picked was a small, cozy double room, which happened to overview the parking lot and have a beautiful view at the same time.


Sonas is not that close to the city center, but getting there is very easy. There are around 5 bus lines just around the corner, one in every 4 minutes, that will take you there. There is a fixed price for the a ticket, wherever you want to go (around 1.50£) and you need to have the exact amount, as they don’t give change.

I have only used the buses and never took the car downtown, as it can get quite crazy, especially on the weekends.

The Room

The room was cozy and clean. I loved the fact that there was also coffee, tea and a kettle, which for me came in quite handy, as I wake up early in the morning and I always want to go for a coffee.

sonas guesthouse edinburgh review

sonas guesthouse edinburgh review

sonas edinburgh review

sonas guesthouse edinburgh review

The Food

The reservation also included breakfast, which came in quite in handy, as I usually skip breakfast when I travel. The food was really good and they had a nice menu to choose from and they even offered a vegetarian option (unlike other places where you could only choose between a croissant and a doughnut, but that’s another story).

sonas edinburgh review

sonas edinburgh review sonas edinburgh review sonas edinburgh review

The Stay

My stay at the Sonas Guest House in Edinburgh was everything I have imagined it to be. A lovely house, a cozy and warm room, helpful, friendly staff and good food. I would recommend Sonas Guest House to people that visit Edinburgh, especially if they travel by car and I would definitely use this accommodation again, when visiting Edinburgh.

Extra Tip: The parking lot can get a bit muddy when it’s raining, so make sure you got that covered.

sonas house edinburgh

Are you planning on visiting Edinburgh?

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