Staying Fit While Traveling – 6 Simple Rules to Follow

If you have read any of my previous posts, you already know that I love to travel and that I travel as often as I can.

When I first started my travel adventures (about 10 years ago) staying fit while travelling was one of my main concerns. I used to hear so many people complaining about gaining weight when on holidays and I have experienced it myself, in my first three-week trip to Spain (all that jamón iberico!)

I was stressed and I had no idea at that time that travelling will actually help me find the secret of keeping my weight in balance over the years, but that is another story.

Staying fit while travelling was one of my main concerns. Don’t ask me why but so it happens that when you travel you tend to leave all the healthy habits at home and start replacing them with new, not-so-healthy ones, like eating out more, lazy days at the beach or too many late-night cocktails at the bar.

What if I told you that you can enjoy everything that your holiday has to offer and manage to stay fit while travelling? Awesome, right?

After a long time travelling, I’ve picked up 6 rules that have allowed me to see amazing places, taste new food, drink late night cocktails and stay fit.

Staying fit while travelling could stop being a concern when exploring the world if you follow 6 simple rules.

staying fit while traveling

Here are the 6 rules that have helped me and will help you too, with staying fit while travelling:

1. Stay hydrated.

I cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated. When travelling, you must drink at least 2 litres of water per day. And no, the latte you had in the morning does not count.

Make sure you start your day with 200-300ml of water and drink the rest throughout the day. Do this and you are already on your way to maintaining or even losing weight while travelling.

staying fit while traveling

2. Don’t snack or eat too much on the road or plane.

This rule is not easy to follow but it will help you if you are interested in staying fit while travelling. So many people make the mistake of snacking and eating too much on the road or on the plane. I love to snack but I always avoid doing so when travelling. And yes, I am too tempted by the free in-flight snacks.

If you can’t help it and you want to snack, make sure you go for some raisins or dried fruits.
When it comes to food on the plane, don’t go for the lasagna, go for the fish.
Going for light foods will keep that bloating feeling away and will still give you the energy that you need for your trip.

3. Make fruits part of your daily meals

Eat more fruits. You may say ‘well, this is not new. I hear this all day ‘erry day, from everyone’, right? But are you doing it? The great thing about travelling is that you get to try new fruits, keep healthy and fit at the same time.

Make sure you eat at least one fruit per day. Fruits will encourage a good digestive transit and you totally need that in your trip.

staying fit while traveling

4. Walk as much as you can & don’t forget to stretch

Walking when travelling has so many advantages. On one hand, you get to burn all those calories and on the other, you get to see so many things that you might not have seen otherwise if you were by car, bus or metro.
Make sure you have comfy shoes on. There is no need to explain why.

Stretching is great! Do a few minutes of stretching before you start your walk, during your walk and after. You will feel the change and your body will thank you!

staying fit while traveling

Photo was taken in Israel. Read more about visiting Israel.

5. Eat when hungry

Don’t wait for hunger to pile up and don’t eat just because it’s lunch time. I never eat when I am not hungry. I think that each person has their own metabolism and their body know best when they must eat. Some people might not agree, but eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, at fixed times in a day might not prove to be healthy for everyone.

My advice is this: eat when you are hungry and if you have to dine out but you’re not hungry, just go for a salad.

If you are hungry and you want to go for that burger, do it. Just make sure you walk for about 30 minutes afterwards, swim, ride a bike or go dancing.

staying fit while traveling

6. Have fun

Travelling is about having fun and enjoying new places and embracing new experiences. Fun is an important ingredient in staying fit while travelling.

Swim every morning, if the hotel has a pool or if you have access to the sea/ocean. Ride a bike or hike. Go out dancing, laugh as much as you can, take that moment to enjoy that narrow street you just discovered in Rome while walking and don’t forget to take goofy photos along the way.

staying fit while traveling

If you follow these 6 simple rules, you will see that staying fit while travelling will not be an issue anymore. Try not to focus too much on losing weight, just make these rules part of your daily routine and you will do just great.

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staying fit while traveling

Do you have any tips on staying fit while travelling that you would like to share?




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