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Travelling To The UK – How To Handle The Weather

how to handle british weather novemberrain

I’ve been living in the UK for two years now and I get questions from friends or other travellers about the weather a lot. Is it always rainy there? Doesn’t it make you feel sad? How come you’re not depressed already? Do you ever get to see the sun?… and so on. While I do […]


Weekend Break In The UK: Brighton & Seven Sisters

what to do in brighton

Brighton is a seaside town, located in the south of England. Being just about one hour away from London, the town is pretty popular amongst Londoners for weekend breaks. Starting from the Georgian era, Brighton began getting more and more attention, quickly becoming a fashionable seaside resort. Today, Brighton is still very popular amongst tourists […]


The Complete Travel Guide To Northern England

places to visit northern england

London, Brighton, Oxford, Bristol,┬áManchester and Birmingham are some of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom. I bet this doesn’t come as a surprise. Many people, when thinking about visiting England are usually considering the south side of the country first. Even if they consider ‘adventuring’ to the north, most of them don’t make […]