The Gratitude Project – September 2016

grateful september

September was such a busy yet amazing month – partly because the weather was amazing in Newcastle and there were so many activities going on and partly because I got to spend a two week holiday in Tenerife. 

As usual, autumn is the time of change for us. Because we made a habit of not spending Christmas in the same house for the past four years, we have decided and had the chance to move again. After an amazing and beautiful year spent in Newcastle, we are now back on the hunt for our new ‘place to call home’.

Because we have moved a lot in the recent years I have learned so much (and there is still so much more to learn) about people, relationships, and travel. I have friends and family which I haven’t seen for years and I miss them. But I know that we will have the chance to meet sooner, rather than later.

I rarely get homesick, which so many people find strange. I think they do because they know that I have all my life there, my home, my family and some of my friends. A friend said to me when we were discussing this (she lives away from home as well): ‘ You must not have too many feelings, Maria, if you don’t get homesick and don’t miss your friends’. I do have feelings. The only difference is that I always ‘compartment’ my feelings. If I were at home now, I know I might have wished to be here. In all these years, I have discovered that Alex, to whom I’ve been happily married for 5 years now, is ‘home’. Wherever we went, wherever we stayed – I always felt home, because he was there and we were there together.

So you know what? Do what makes you happy. You will always miss something or someone, regardless of where you are – so enjoy each moment of your life and make the most out of it!

Here is my ‘Grateful September’ list:

  • Started training on Lumosity, which I have used a few years back and now I am picking up again that good habit.
  • Visited our friends in Colchester – we had such a great time!
  • Went to Tenerife for two weeks – the weather was amazing, I swam, hiked, shopped, relaxed and did pretty much everything I wanted to, for two weeks.
  • tenerife puerto cruzSpent time with my parents in Tenerife, whom I haven’t seen in awhile.
  • Our relocation, through which I will get to explore even more areas of this beautiful country. Will definitely go back to visit Newcastle, as I just can’t resist the Quayside :D.
  • newcastle quaysideThe jobs that I and Alex have, which we don’t really see as jobs but as what we love to do.
  • That our plans for the next ‘big’ trip are taking shape.
  • Coffee – I am always grateful for coffee, in all its styles and forms. love coffee
  • The fact that I am healthy and that someone, at one point, invented glasses and I can see all the beautiful things that surround me every day.
  • Technology. I love technology and I am grateful that I live in these interesting times where I can hook up my VR to my phone and my PS4.
  • Last but not least: seeing projects that I have started from 0, bring succesfull. So proud of all the people that were involved in them and made this happen. GG.

Don’t be afraid of change. I know you might feel scared of it. I felt and I still do feel like that sometimes. But don’t think that you are safe – we are never ‘safe’, even if we don’t change a thing in our lives. Nothing is granted and, at the end of the day, we don’t really own anything or anyone for that matter. So go out and explore. Do more of that makes you happy.

What happened in September that you are grateful for?

Have an amazing October!



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