Travel Tips – When in Rome Italy

I love to explore Europe and Rome, Italy was on my travel list for a while now.

what to do in rome italy

After postponing this trip for a while, I have decided overnight that I had to go and visit Rome. I booked a flight and the hotel for the upcoming weekend. As my mom also wanted to visit Rome for a while, she was the first person on my companions list and she was thrilled about the idea.

Depending on where you are flying from, you have a few airport options to choose from. Ours was Ciampino, which is not the closest but was the best in matters of fares.

If you are landing on Ciampino when travelling to Rome, Italy and want to get to The City of Rome the best way to do so is, in my experience, by bus. The bus station is right in front of the airport and it will take you to Rome for only 5 euro. The best part is that you can pay for the ticket at the bus driver, so no fuss.


I’ve spent one weekend in Rome and here are my Rome travel tips:

1. Use the metro & visit by foot.

Using the metro in Rome comes in quite handy; the tickets are not that expensive. I only used the metro for getting from one part of the city to the other and I pretty much visited Rome by foot in rest (good for not gaining extra weight from all that pizza and pasta 😀 ).

Walking in Rome is great and the best part is that you will stumble upon lovely small shops, restaurants and gorgeous buildings that you would have never found otherwise. Visiting Rome by foot was also great because I stumbled upon many historical places and landmarks – so it’s a must do if you can.

Metro Map - Rome Italy


2. Visit the historical places and landmarks in Rome Italy.

Visiting the Colosseum, The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps and the Pantheon is a must if you are visiting Rome Italy for the first time. Also, don’t forget to add Vatican to your list and get there early, the queues can get crazy, especially during summer.

Don’t forget about my advice, and visit Rome by foot – you will get to see many of these places too, by doing just that.

what to do in rome italy


 3. Enjoy the local food in Rome – eat where the locals are eating.

Whenever I travel I do eat “tourist food” but I also check out what and where the locals are eating and I always compare. I even go down to supermarkets and “spy” on locals to see what they are going for, when it comes to food, drinks and snacks.

One of my travel tips for Rome is: eat out at restaurants but also check out one or more supermarkets – they have all kinds of local goodies there, at really good prices. My favourite
things from supermarkets are either the sandwiches that they can make for you or just the ingredients themselves, which you can take back to your hotel and eat whenever you fancy.

what to do in rome italy

what to do in rome italy


 4. Do Some Shopping.

Okay, Italy is the fashion capital of the world (or that’s what some people say) so you must do some shopping while there. Even if it’s just a pair of shoes or a scaf, I don’t care but you have to buy something.

I checked out Rome`s shopping Malls (like Cinecitta which you can easily get to by taking the M metro line) but my favourite kind of shopping in Rome was browsing street shops. Via del Corso street was one of my favourite streets to splurge on. You have to add it to your list.

 5. Keep your own Rome travel map.

Rome is such a beautiful city to document and keep souvenirs from.

I just realised that I haven’t thought of the idea of creating a travel map in Rome, as I used to in the past when travelling. I once had this great habit of creating travel maps as I went and visited places. I also had a travel book, on which I used to keep everything – from metro tickets to bills from restaurants I have been to, so yeah, I pretty much kept everything.

Have you ever been to Rome?

What was your favourite thing about Rome?



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