Valentino Donna Perfume Review

It’s fresh, it’s smooth and it has a gorgeous bottle (I just love cute bottles!).

Read my entire Valentino Donna Perfume Review to see if this is the right perfume for you (or for that special someone).

valentino donna perfume review

Valentino Donna is another classy-chic perfume which has recently made its way to my collection.  It’s  quite new to the market (Sept. 2015), it’s one of my new favorites, so I just had to review it.

The Valentino Donna is a leathery-floral perfume, so if you are not into floral perfumes at all, this perfume is probably not for you.

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See prices for Valentino Donna in UK & Europe

The smell reminds me a bit of Si by Armani, Parisienne by YSL (which, by the way, I loved, loved, loved), Versace – Bright Crystal and La Vie est Belle by Lancome. If you liked any of these perfumes, you will love Donna by Valentino.

If you have read any of my previous perfume reviews, then you know that I am not a 100% floral perfume type of gal. But I do love floral influences, for that extra classy-lady touch they usually give.

Valentino Donna has a leathery-floral smell. It has notes of rose, iris, a bit of lime (maybe it’s just me…could you feel it?), vanilla, patchouli. It’s an interesting mix, so I would not be surprised if many people would be into it.

It’s not a perfume that lasts that long. When using it, you will get a candy-like smell at first, but don’t worry, after a few minutes the smell becomes sophisticated with vanilla and leather accents. Expect the smell to last for about 4 hours.valentino donna perfume review

valentino donna perfume review

Valentino Donna Perfume Review

Here is what I like about Valentino Donna:

  • The leathery-floral-vanilla scent, which (watch out) is very teasing. So if you like drawing attention to yourself, go for this one, it does the trick.
  • It has different (somehow familiar) scents, put into one. Many people will not recognize it (partly because it’s quite new to the market and partly because it gives you that feeling of ‘I know this perfume!’ – which will make them ask you about it).
  • Do you know that high-end, expensive make-up smell? This perfume has it.
  • The gorgeous bottle. As I have mentioned, I love perfume bottles and this one is a beauty.

Here is what I don’t like that much about this perfume:

  • It only lasts for about 4 hours. Which is not unusual for today’s perfumes, to be honest. But I do miss perfumes like Fendi (Theorema, for example, one of my all time favorites) that used to last over 10 hours.
  • It does not come with a cap.

All in all the Valentino Donna is a great perfume to have and wear. You can’t really go wrong with it as a gift either.

Don’t forget – this perfume is chic, ultra feminine and quite teasing. If you are a bold person, go for it!

See prices for Valentino Donna in US

See prices for Valentino Donna in UK & Europe

Have you tried Valentino Donna?

How do you feel about it and how do you feel about my Valentino Donna Perfume Review?

Mention: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review. Everything that I have mentioned about the product is based on my personal experience. Regardless of the pay, I will never write something that I don’t truly believe. Thank you!




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