Visit Romania – A Day Trip to Ochiul Beiului Lake

I have seen many pictures taken at Ochiul Beiului Lake, and even if I have a summer home not that far away, I never really got a chance to visit.

I finally decided to hike to Ochiul Beiului Lake this weekend, and it was totally worth it!

visit ochiul beiului lake

A few things to mention, about Ochiul Beiului Lake:

  • It measures around 280 square meters, and it is located in the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, in Romania.
  • The lake never freezes, and the temperature remains unchanged, throughout the year, due to its intermittent spring.
  • The only way you can access it, is by foot.
  • The hike to the lake is a real pleasure and the lake is simply beautiful. 🙂

Here are a few things to know, before visiting Ochiul Beiului Lake:

1. Planning & Driving

To get to Ochiul Beiului Lake from Timisoara is quite easy. Just set your route (in Google Maps or any type of navigation app you are using) to Ochiul Beiului Lake, and make sure the last village on your route is Potoc.

From Potoc, you will be able to drive your car up the mountain, up to a certain point (Bei Valley Camping), where you can park your car and even camp there, if you have your tent with you.

The road from Potoc to the camping site is quite narrow, so make sure you drive carefully.

There is also a tax you have to pay before entering the National Park, of 5 RON (1.15Eur).

2. The Hike & Food, Drinks, Clothes.

The hike to Ochiul Beiului Lake is an easy 30-40 minutes hike.  Nevertheless, bring your hiking shoes with you and a jacket, especially if you visit in spring or autumn, as it might get chilly.

You should take water with you and also, take some food.

I personally haven’t taken any type of food with me, because I decided I want to eat fried trout when I get back from the hike. They have a food truck there, near the camping grounds, where they serve freshly-cooked trout – it’s delicious!

Many friends, especially from other countries, that have seen my pictures asked:

What makes the Ochiul Beiului Lake so blue?

Well, from my research, I found out that the blue color is due to the carbon dioxide that dissolves in the water and also due to the limestone.

Here are some photos from along the way:

1st stop:

bei water

nature romania

clear water romania

end pollution romania

I also stopped by La Vaioaga Cascade on my way to Ochiul Beiului Lake:

cascada vaioaga

vaioaga cascade

cascada la vaioaga

cascade vaioaga

And from there, I continued on my way to Ochiul Beiului Lake:

ochiul beiului trail

ochiul beiului trail

ochiul beiului lake

ochiul beiului lake

The lake is superb and so is everything around it.

There are times when beautiful, amazing things are at our reach, and yet, we don’t have/make the time to enjoy them.

Have you ever visited Ochiul Beiului lake? What did you like most?

visit ochiul beiului romania



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