Visiting Israel and Palestine – Places to See and Things to Do

As mentioned in my Israel Travel Tips post, Israel is definitely worth visiting.

When I first stepped foot in the Ben Gurion Airport, in Israel, I knew a new and different world was about to open up to me.

I love seeing and experiencing different things and this is one of the reasons for which I travel and why I decided to visit Israel as well.

If you are looking for both different and beautiful, Israel and Palestine is the place to go.

visit haifa

haifa beach


Here are a few places I have visited in Israel and that you must see:

  1. Baha’I Gardens – Haifa

This place is superb and it is a must see when in Haifa. Even if you only have 20 minutes available, please stop there and enjoy the beauty of the gardens.

baha'i gardens

bahai gardens haifa

haifa gardens

P.S. I spent about 3 hours there.

  1. Jordan River – Yardenit

Jordan River is, again, a must see when visiting Israel.

I was pleasantly surprised by the blue-green color of the water and by how everything was set up there.

People were swimming, relaxing, with their feet in the water and getting baptized.  It was hard for me to leave that place because I felt so at peace while there.

  1. Capernaum

Capernaum is a place full of history, beautifully situated by the Sea of Galilee.  From there you can go up on a boat and explore the Sea of Galilee.

capernaum visit

capernaum city visit

boat ride israel

The boat ride was simply awesome, so I recommend it to everyone.

  1. The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea was also something different than anything else I have experienced.

When taking a trip to the Dead Sea, make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen with you.

The sun feels hotter in that area; the water is really salty so try not to get too much water on your face or in your eyes.

P.S. – Don’t forget your flip-flops.

  1. Jerusalem & Via Dolorosa and other landmarks.

Jerusalem is an amazing city. Different cultures, mixed together, and as a tourist you get the best of it.

jerusalem city

Go to the Wall, enjoy the feeling and also, take a walk around the city. I have got the chance to visit all the small markets around Via Dolorosa.

jerusalem wall

The Old City is something you should not miss. Don’t forget to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – it’s a must see on so many levels.

While there, you can also visit all the other churches around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, you will love how they are mixed together and how all the cultures they represent are displayed there.

The Church of All Nations was also a great experience. There were just a few people inside when I arrived so I had the chance to relax and meditate, without being bothered by (other) tourists.

church tourists israel


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv can be surprising in many ways. I personally loved the beach front area, with the tall buildings but I also got the chance to see the less glamorous streets of Tel Aviv. And I liked that too.

tel aviv

Just go a few blocks away from the main street and you will find markets with food, parks with people having fun, and you will still feel the breeze of the Mediterranean.

tel aviv park


tel aviv beach


When visiting Israel, I have also visited Palestine, for two days and here are a few places to see:

  1. Jericho

Jericho is an amazing city, located in the lower part of the Jordan Valley. It is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world, and you can feel that when you are there.

visitor in palestine

While there, take the cable to go up the mountain. Enjoy the view!

jericho cable

  1. Bethlehem

Bethlehem is an interesting city, which I both liked and found strange, at the same time.

I stayed at Jacir Palace, a really beautiful and large hotel (that used to be someone’s house, at one point). The hotel is located “right around the corner” as you enter Bethlehem, from Israel.

What I found strange was the big, concrete wall separating the two countries, right in the vicinity of residential areas. As I usually do wherever I go places, I went out in the evening to explore the area. I got to visit many shops & small bars and enjoy the local food. People are nice, they love tourists there; tourism is how they earn their living.

fresh juice



When visiting Israel and Palestine, try to keep an open mind; both countries have been through many events, but as a tourist, you will be safe as long as you respect the things you would in other countries as well.

visiting israel woman


Have you been to Israel or Palestine?

I would love to know more about your experience.



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