Visiting Israel – Places to See and Travel Tips

I have decided on visiting Israel for many reasons. Some of them are the history, the culture, the weather and… the food; they have awesome salads by the way.

When I travel I usually do and plan everything on my own, but this time I chose an agency.

Visiting Israel
Trip to Israel

Here are a few tips, from my experience with visiting Israel:

1. Go with an organized group, if you don’t have friends or family in Israel to guide you around.

I think that when visiting Israel you should go for joining an organized travel group, if you don’t know people around there.
This way you get to visit many places, makes things easier guarantees that you don’t go in no-go zones and gives you a plus to that feeling of safety.

2. Check your passport and your visa conditions.

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date you are departing your country to travel to Israel and check to see if your country has a Visa Waiver with Israel or not.

3. Check the weather averages before packing and pack everything you need.

When I travel to all sorts of places, I don’t really pack that much, because I always buy clothes and accessories from all the places I am visiting.

Israel is a bit different, especially if you are going with an organized group. You will not really have time for shopping and if you do, you will probably not find what you are looking for, easily.
I got tip from some friends that visited Israel before, so I packed everything I needed and this really made a difference.

visiting israel nature

4. Don’t stare at people and don’t take photos of people unless they give you permission.

This may sound like a silly advice but I travel a lot and I still stared a bit, haha. This is because some things are so different than what you would see in Europe or the US. People will notice it, don’t do it. Be discrete.
The photos part is something different though. Make sure you ask people for their permission before taking a photograph. Some people can get quite unhappy if you take a photo of them without permission. The reasons why some people don’t want their photos taken can be related to religion, privacy and so on.

5. Stay hydrated.

When visiting Israel don’t forget about drinking water, especially if you are going there in spring-summer. The air is quite dry, it can get pretty hot and if you should always keep a bottle of water nearby.

Extra Tip:

Try to buy more water from a local shop, keep it at the hotel and take what you need when leaving for your day trip. Water can be a bit expensive when you are buying it from shops located in tourist areas.

6. Make the best out of it.

Don’t go to Israel if you are afraid of this or that. This will ruin your trip.
I visited both Israel and Palestine and I haven’t felt unsafe, not even for a moment. Enjoy the view; enjoy the history, the food and the people.
This does not mean that you should not pay attention to what is happening around you when visiting Israel, do that, but keep a positive attitude.

visit Jerusalem israel

israel glass

palm tree israel

church isrfael

Read more about my experience in Israel and see the places I have visited.



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