Weekend Break In The UK: Chesham

What and where is Chesham, you might ask?

Chesham is not a glamorous touristic destination and I am sure that many travelers (including from the UK) have never heard about this little market town, located in the Chiltern Hills. I know I haven’t. A friend of mine from London gave me the tip. She said: next time when you come down to London, you can stop by Chesham, it’s a small village with loads of charity shops, filled with high-quality vintage clothes. That was pretty much what I needed to hear.

I have bookmarked the location and in a few weeks, I was in Chesham.

I was not sure what to expect from this weekend break in Chesham, but what I’ve found was a beautiful, cozy, small town and a lively atmosphere.

I have spent my entire Saturday there and left on Sunday. Here are my recommendations:

1. Take a walk in the town centre

For a small town, the Chesham city centre has a lot to offer. It’s packed with shops of all kinds and it has a unique style and feel to it.

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what to do in chesham

what to do in chesham

2. Explore all the charity shops

My friend was right. There are many charity shops in Chesham and most of them have great stuff! From clothes to kitchenware and deck chairs, you will find everything. I have managed to find a barely-worn french matching dress and jacket for only 15£ and a lovely, hand-sawn beaded purse for 7£. Can’t wait to wear them!

what to do in chesham

3. Stop for a tea and a good book at Waterstone’s

If you love tea and you also love a good book, take a short pit stop here to recharge your batteries.

what to do in chesham

4. Buy some candy

Do you have a sweet tooth? If your answer is yes, stop by the ‘Olde Sweet Shoppe’! Once I opened the door, I felt like entering candy wonderland! Candies, jelly, chocolate, lollies, liquorice, you name it, they have it.

what to do in chesham

what to do in chesham

5. Taste the local pastry

Yes, still talking about sweets here. What I found interesting in Chesham is that there are many family-owned bakeries in town and each of them has a special recipe. I was not able to try everything, but I’ve most definitely done some form of window-shopping at each. 😀

what to do in chesham

6. Go for a movie or a play at Elgiva

Chesham becomes a quiet town once the evening takes over. While you will find some bars, restaurants, and pubs open, I dare you to do something else. Go see a play or watch a movie. The Elgiva theater is both a theater and a cinema. You can go and watch the latest blockbusters there or you can dress up and enjoy a play in the evening. The staff is very friendly and there are plenty of options to choose from.

what to do in chesham

What’s the one thing that you like about Chesham? Why would you visit?

weeken uk chesham



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