YSL Mon Paris Perfume Review

It’s classy, comes in an elegant, ‘curvy’ and ‘Frenchy’ bottle with a lovely bow as a fine detail and it lasts for hours!

Read my entire YSL Mon Paris Perfume Review to see if this is the right perfume for you (or for that special someone).

ysl mon paris perfume review

I need to start this review by mentioning that I am a fan of YSL perfumes and Parisienne, which I found to be a bit similar to Mon Paris was a favourite of mine as well. I got this perfume a few months ago, together with Marc Jacobs – Decadence and I love them both.

My Opinion

This perfume is fruity-floral and features two of my favourite fruits: strawberries and raspberries (I loved the berry notes in the ‘Parisienne’ as well! You will also feel notes of orange blossom, pear, peonies, white musk, Jasmin and patchouli.

I’ve worn it in summer but I definitely prefer wearing it in autumn. I felt like it became a bit more sweet in summer while wearing it in autumn brings that crisp fruity smell to light. I can’t wait to wear it in winter when it’s cold outside.

If this sounds like your kind of perfume and you are looking for something floral and fruity for autumn or winter you should totally go for it. It is long lasting and it definitely stands out. I also like the fact that it smells like a perfume created by a ‘french fashion house’. YSL do know how to keep things classy, yet current.

The Person Wearing It

I see Mon Paris being worn by a woman that is positive and loves life. She is sweet, yet confident and likes delicate things. She is the kind of woman that would not leave the house without her silk scarf and who likes to feel snug during autumn and winter.

She feels great in a Chloe dress but she can also rock a summer dress from ASOS and party on the beach all night.

Check prices for YSL Mon Paris in the US

Check prices for YSL Mon Paris in UK & Europe

ysl mon paris perfume review

What I like about Mon Paris:

  • The bottle – it’s classy! 🙂
  • The scent – it is sweet but not too sweet. I have tried sweet perfumes before and I feel like they don’t blend well with my skin. This one smells great!
  • The fact that once sprayed on, you can feel it’s a quality perfume. This is also proven by the fact that it lasts almost the entire day.
  • It can be worn at an event but also for a casual day out or at work.

What I don’t like that much about Mon Paris:

  • The cap – I feel like it’s a bit too square-shaped for the bottle.

The YSL Mon Paris is classy yet youthful and vibrant but definitely not ‘innocent’. It does not go away, from the initial burst of strawberry and raspberry to the pear, the peonies and white musk, as you wear it, it builds to a beautiful crescendo that does not go away.

Next morning, after a shower, it’s still there, which I find to be a great experience.

Check prices for YSL Mon Paris in the US

Check prices for YSL Mon Paris in UK & Europe

YSL Mon Paris Perfume review

Have you tried the YSL Mon Paris Perfume?

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